QTTabBar Alpha 3 Released, Trac activated

You know where to grab it.  This release should be much more stable and less quirky than Alpha 2.  In addition to bug fixes, I’ve restored Tab Locking functionality.  Here’s the change log, which is now a part of the repository.

In other news, I’ve decided that I absolutely hate the SourceForge tracker system.  As such, I’ve enabled the infinitely better hosted app Trac, which will be replacing it.  All existing defect tickets were already fixed, so I didn’t port them over.  I did copy over the enhancement requests.  If you authored one of them, please add yourself to the CC list for the ticket to be notified about any changes regarding it.  I’ll keep the SourceForge trackers active for a few more days, but I’ll be deactivating them soon.

Last time, there were a few people who posted bug reports in the blog comments.  Please don’t do that, as it makes it difficult to keep track of them all.  If you find something wrong with this release or want to request a new feature, please open a new Trac ticket for your issue.

Many thanks go out to all those who submitted bug reports for Alpha 2.  I’d also like to profusely thank all those who have donated money; your contribution really means a lot to me.

58 comments to QTTabBar Alpha 3 Released, Trac activated

  • bubs353

    Hey great news. Thanks man. You rocks

  • thuyan

    Thanks, it seems to really solved the CPU issue :D Great work ;)

  • zhu

    I need Chinese version,or I can help you to translate yhis software to Chinese.

  • Great,this’s soft I have used in xp,now can use in win7,3Q!

  • Mike

    Great work! I had no CPU glitch, but the other improvements are really excellent. Still can’t get the desk top tool to work, it crashes explorer immediately, but I can live without it. The most important things seem to be working correctly now, at least I have had no other problems to date.


    Mike Connor

  • kuku

    这个版本在任务栏上开启“qt tab desktop tool”后此功能并不能使用。
    而以前的版本(1.2)反而没有这个问题(win7 x64),希望能继续改进。

  • kuku

    This version of the task bar to open “qt tab desktop tool” and can not be used after this function.
    The previous version (1.2) but do not have this problem (win7 x64), hope to continue to improve.
    Thank you
    English is not good, this is google translation

  • For those concerned about the Desktop Tool, please add yourselves to the CC list for Ticket #1 to be notified about any changes.

  • Mike

    Tried to donate, but it wont work! Is there any way for you to e-mail me?


    Mike Connor

  • should we start using this new QTTabBar instead of the old v1.2.3b5 from Quizo? I am using WinXP64

    Also, what will happen with QTAddressBar? I use this with QTTabBar for truly complete control. :)

    • At present, the Quizo-managed version is more functional than my own on XP. So, really there’s no reason to upgrade just yet if you’re on XP.

      As for QTAddressBar, it works fine on XP and is unnecessary on Vista and above, so I see no reason to mess with it. Perhaps a little later I’ll decompile it and add it to the repository just to make the package complete.


      • I think that in Vista and Seven the dropdown menu that opens when you click on the address does not allow browsing in nested folders. And this is the reason I use QTAddresBar. It’s really practical, if you never used it.

      • yla

        +1 for the source of QTAddressBar

  • Rykum

    Good work and CPU glitch is solved for me too.
    I have a question, does plugins from Quizo works?
    and other thing, will you lend us the language file so we can translate it?

    • I haven’t done anything with plugins yet, so I don’t know. Regarding multi-language files, the language file and installer will be changing quite a bit in the next few releases, so I’d like to make the changes first. Once the language file has stabilized, I will put out the call to have it translated.

  • Mike

    Just for info, none of the plugins I tried worked, ( I tried them all ). This is not really surprising as these were written for 32 BIT systems, and very many explorer add-ons etc simply will not run on 64 BIT systems.

    You can replace a lot of the “missing” plug-in functionality using StEx Bar;

    http://tools.tortoisesvn.net/StExBar you can add executables and scripts as desired to this.

    ( See also, scripts using StEx Bar ; http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic53970.html )

    I am also working on a script for automatic tabs for this version ( 64 BIT ) of QtTabBar. I will post here when it’s ready.

    Regards, Mike Connor

  • crater0083

    Scroll lag sometimes,restart explorer then work well.Strange-_-

  • Krape

    Thank man, Great job !!!!

  • Rykum

    I noticed a crash with the current version, check it here http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/qttabbar/ticket/8

  • Kerry

    Thanks so much!

  • onesavior

    At last…
    Thank you for the excellent gift!!

  • aloha1003

    When scroll a window ,it’s always very delay

  • david

    Are there keyboard shortcuts to open a new tab? or is the only way to drag a folder to the toolbar? I’d like to use mouse gestures to control qttabbar.

    thanks for all your hard work!

  • david

    Also: I used hookdnet for awhile and i did like the default action that all of your explorer folders would open as new tabs . Is there a setting to do this with QT?

    edit: I just discovered the options feature by right clicking the toolbar area lol…i’ll prob find what i’m looking for there. thanks!

  • david

    I can’t change the following settings:

    Full row selection in details view
    Grid lines for details view
    Alternative row color in details view

    I saw the shortcut key

    Open current folder in new window

    but there is no

    Open current folder in new tab…

    why one and not the other (especially since we all use qt for tabs not new windows)?

    • Greetings David, sorry for the delayed response.

      The options which you specify are not available on Windows 7, and unfortunately, they most likely never will be. Check out my post a few posts down about what to expect from the alpha.

      Regarding the opening a new tab, I believe the shortcut key you’re looking for is called “Clone Current Tab.” It’s Ctrl-N by default.

      As for making “open folder in new tab” the default action, please open a Trac ticket for this enhancement to put it in the database.


  • excelsium

    @Mutual Fund Advisor

    Spammers are getting spookier o.o;

  • tuxplorer

    Thank you so much. This is the first functional and usable version on Windows 7. The three listview tweaks work if Explorer is forced to use the ListView control. Also, Add/Remove (Programs and Features) in Windows 7 uses ListView control where also it works. THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH. I had never hoped this project would be revived on Windows 7.

  • excelsium


    How do you force explorer to use the ListView control??

  • mathmax

    Thank you for this new version but it doesn’t work for me :(

    I installed it and restarted the explorer but nothing happens.. no tabs :(
    I run on win 7 64 bit. Do you know what is the problem?

    • david

      Installing is not enough, you have to activate it by right clicking on the grey area under the menu bar. More info is on the website. Then from that point onwards you can tweak QT by also right clicking there again. Have fun!

      • mathmax

        yes I know that. It worked on XP with Quizo’s version, but not on win 7 with this new version. When I right under the menu be click, there is no QTTabBar entry in the context menu…

  • david

    ShiningMasamune, thanks for the reply and your hard work in developing this software. This weekend I experimented with minor improvements to windows 7 such as tabbed explorer with QT and search function with Everything. But due to the problems and quirks they each introduced I had no choice but to go back to my plain windows 7 image (took Acronis 7 minutes to bring everything back to normal). It was interesting using the software, tabbed explorer is the future, and I look forward to returning to QT again when it becomes beta.

  • excelsium


    Ever since I installed Alpha 3.. possibly a2, I’ve been getting random app crashes in other apps like quicktime, skype and poppeeper
    I’d better log the data from the dialog boxes next time it happens eh? :|

  • Ken

    Just wanted to say thanks for taking this up!

  • Oh man am I glad I found this. When I upgraded to Win 7 Pro x64 it just wasn’t the same without QTTabbar. After checking out the original site and the lack of updates, I thought I was doomed to not have this anymore. Glad that isn’t the case! I just installed this alpha 3 and it seems to be working good so far. This program + FindeXer is just awesome. <3

  • yaoxin

    终于可以在Windows7上使用Qttabbar了,在这里表示诚挚的谢意。另外在在使用时,发现在使用Qttabbar时打开IVT BlueSoleil蓝牙文件传输时长时间没有响应,取消Qttabbar勾选后,再次打开就没有问题了。再次感谢!

  • djpoozo

    У меня всё заработало, когда я отключил галочку НЕ ОТКРЫВАТЬ ПАПКУ ИЗ ВНЕШНЕГО ОКНА.
    Ну и сам интерфейс Проводника чуть подвисает изза QTTAB

  • tuxplorer

    @excelsium, follow the steps here: http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/disable-full-row-select-explorer-windows-7/ then click “Apply to all folders”.

  • someone

    hi, i have 2 probelms with qttabbar:
    1.during installation, it showed at least 3 times the confirmation window “error generating native code” .
    2.the search box is always so small that i cannot resize it . i can’t even see it . i can somehow reach it by using tab and i can even use it there, but i can’t see what i’m typing there. i’ve tried to reset the toolbar and i’ve tried to re-install the program (on both cases i’ve tried to restart the computer). both didn’t help.
    how can i solve those problems?

    • 1. This sounds like a problem with your .NET installation. Make sure you have 3.5 installed. If you do, you could try reinstalling it. Then reinstall QTTabBar. Native Code generation only affects how much CPU is used by QTTabBar, so it’s not absolutely necessary.

      2. It looks like there is some sort of bug with the search bar: it shrinks a little every time you focus it and then close the window. You can reset its width by doing the following: Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quizo\QTTabBar, delete the SearchBoxWidth value. Then end-task explorer.exe and restart it. I’ll add a Trac ticket for this issue.

      • donkz

        The original QTTabBar had the same problem by the way. The way I got around that was by locking the toolbars. That prevented any ’shrinkage’… Just tried that trick with the new QTTabBar, but in this version, it doesn’t work anymore…
        But if I recall correctly, when you locked the toolbars in the original version, you also couldn’t manually resize the search box (using the mouse), which is propably why the trick worked. With this version however you can stil resize the search box when the toolbars are locked.

  • Chris James

    How come there has been no update to the blog recently?

  • excelsium


    This help the scroll lag issue e.g. there are no columns in explorer with which to load e.g. album, artist data
    however the high cpu load remains, though it seems the scrolling itself is visibly smooth rather than laggy :)

  • excelsium


    There haven’t been any explorer or other wierd system crashes for a few days, and nothing in that log on the desktop you told me about, it doesn’t even exist yet.

  • excelsium


    Thanks a lot for the link btw, with this “fix” I can now get some serious work done in explorer :D

  • Ralph

    Thanks God, this is working on windows 7 now, I was having lots of trouble with XYPlorer, Cubit Explorer, and Explorer ++. This is better since the Windows Explorer is faster that these whole programs that are trying to replace it.

    Anyways, just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make this happened.


  • needx

    I use Win7 Prof. 64-bit.
    Sorry but the problems with the cpu glitch are not 100% solved. It is better, but not enough for regular working with the os.
    But, thanks for the work.

  • sw


  • Isuru

    Hey… great ware.. i really like this.. very useful
    although the first time i used this the explorer crashed..
    lets hope this wont happen again :)

  • Best wishes!Your article is very good!
    It is so nice.

  • Marc

    How can I solve the error ‘Unable to load QTTabbar hook library’ on a Window 7 64-bit system ?

  • busaho

    Loved the program on WinXp and glad you guys made it work on Win7. Keep up that good work and thank you