Little longer…

Hey all, quick update.  My schedule will be opening up shortly, I promise.  But, finishing my current business is taking a bit longer than anticipated, so alas, I didn’t make my end-of-the-month goal…  I haven’t forgotten though.

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  • 80T

    1.5 Beta 3 ! ! ! [img][/img]

  • NOno

    Thanks for the update. Do take your time :)

  • Wasabi addicted

    Your brief update was really appreciated, but please take your time, pal.

    The ones who really desire will wait ;)

    Once more, my plea:

    Please keep requirements WITHIN .net v3.5 and please make the “Options” window resizable to fit small netbooks screens.

    And stick to FolderTabs it’s a great name.

  • anonymous

    There some features need to apply on Desktop and other programs windows, not only EXPLORER Folders.
    These features will work best if they have integration with EXPOLRER.
    Would you consider it? Or can it be BONUS?

  • Ray

    Take your time mate and keep up the excellent work

  • Frank

    Yea, take your time, We are truly not expecting your 1.5 beta 3 until 2014.

  • Alex

    Keep it up! I personally stayed away from Quizzos version. I heard it was very buggy on a few releases, which I found true from forums.

    I love your branch, because it does a great job, and has nearly no bugs! I especially LOVE the Groups option. Make my skyrim modding so much easier to open 4 commonly used folders like that!

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  • Trenton

    Hey. Love this. Been using it for awhile now. Just wanted to point out (because I’m not sure if has been brought up before and excuse me if it has) the Bulk Rename Utility extension clashes.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • dfiction

    ^ What do you mean by clashes? I have QTTabBar v1.5.0.0b2 and Bulk Rename Utility v2.7.1.2 [64bit] installed and haven’t encountered any problem at all.

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

    • Trenton

      The extension for BRU that allows you to right click a folder and it has the option to open BRU to the folder you have selected. It may just be me but it hasn’t worked since I started using qt.

      • dfiction

        Yeah, working fine here.
        Try to reinstall the BRU with the latest version. Oh, you might have to uninstall it by using IObit Uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller for complete uninstallation.

        • Trenton

          I had cleaned out my registry using CCleaner after unistalling and got the same result. Used IObit Unistaller and it works now. Thanks.

  • anonymous

    Now I do not know where to ask for features.
    Any request to QUIZO is also for here …