Help Wanted, Again

Hi all,

I think I’ve reached an interesting point now: All the big things are done.  The Options dialog is working.  Multiple processes are working.  The Desktop Tool is working.  Everything works on a high level.  But, there are still too many smaller things that are yet undone to release the program, even with the beta label.  I can and will keep working on these smaller things, and they will eventually get done, but I think the program has reached the point where throwing manpower at it speed things up.  So, I think it’s time to hang the help wanted sign again.

When I took on a few devs previously, it was difficult because I was right in the middle of a major change that only I fully understood.  So, I had trouble coming up with things for them to do that they could do without having to spend a great deal of time understanding how it might affect the entire project.  But now that the big stuff is done, all that’s left is a bunch of fairly isolated TODO statements in the code.  Unfortunately though, the devs I took on no longer have time, so I need some more.

Hit me up using the Contact link to the right if all of the following are true:

  • You have experience with C#
  • You have enough free time you can devote to this project to make a significant impact
  • You have some sample code you’ve written that you can show me
  • You actually use QTTabBar yourself

Here’s hoping I’ll be able to release this thing someday…

9 comments to Help Wanted, Again

  • Sa3dany

    Which I could help you with that :)
    And thanks for the great application. I don’t think I can use explorer without it again!

  • So looking forward to the next release! QTTabBar is one of those programs I can not live without. Windows Explorer is so completely lame without tons of help (Win7’s is somewhat improved) and I’ve tried other Explorer replacements but for usability, nothing beats Windows Explorer enhanced with the right extensions, like FileMenu Tools and QTTabBar! Thank you for all your hard work! Wish I could help but my C# experience is minimal and my available time is even more so.


  • dgsdfgsdfg

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  • David

    I’m excited for the new release, I don´t have those expertese your looking for, but please if I could ask for anything is the appearance please make it look more modern…and more language files.thx

  • Max Grass

    Exams in Unis. wicked time true story=) if you’re still needing help in the middle of june, i’ll be glad to help.

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  • Jonny

    I truly wish I was capable of helping you! I think it’s time I learn c#…
    I love this software and I can’t wait to see the next version you’re working on. It really is a shame that there have to be two branches instead of you guys working together. So frustrating that he won’t collaborate. At least you are able to utilize some of his code…
    QTTabBar really is fantastic- and such a great concept! Thank you so much!

  • Gene

    Feel free to contact me by email (I believe you can read the text I typed into the Mail textbox above)

    * I have experience with C# (when I was a research intern at Microsoft)
    * I don’t know what you mean by ‘enough’, but I’m willing to learn more about it (I have another internship this summer but things depends on what you mean by ‘enough’)
    * We can discuss sample code personally if you are willing to
    * I have been using qttabbar for quite some time