The Latest Version is Still 1.5 Beta 2!!

There, hopefully that should catch a few eyes.  As many of you know, Quizo has decided to release a new version of his own branch, and I’ve been inundated with mail recently from people who’ve installed Quizo’s latest personal version and are now complaining to me that various things are broken.  Sigh…  It really saddens me that he’s continuing his own personal version, after he told me that he just doesn’t have the time for it.  If he does have time to work on this (and given how much his source code has changed since the previous release, he clearly does), then I really wish we could collaborate!  It’s very apparent that he has an incredibly deep understanding of the Windows shell, one that far surpasses my own.  But alas, if he doesn’t want to, I can’t do anything about that…

Anyway, I want to clarify where we stand as far as the next version goes.  In addition to the various bug fixes and minor improvements, there were three main things I wanted to accomplish with the next release: One is the options dialog, which I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about by now; that’s complete.  Second was interprocess syncing.  Windows Explorer can run with each window as its own process.  Some people do this intentionally.  Sometimes it happens without users meaning for it to happen, since there is a bug (yes, another one…) that causes new process to start sometimes.  But either way, QTTB needs to support it, and the current infrastructure just wasn’t up to the task.  However, that’s also been finished now.

The third and final big thing was the Desktop Tool, a feature whose death has been greatly exaggerated.  For those who don’t know, the Desktop Tool brings QTTB features such as Subfolder Tips and Image Previews to the Desktop, introduces a handy menu accessed by double-clicking your wallpaper, and has a bunch of other nice stuff.  Previously, I had thought that this feature was dead due to Win7 removing access to a critical component, but Quizo found a way to get what’s needed using a method I hadn’t considered (and in retrospect, I should have seen that!  It’s obvious!)

Since my copy of the Desktop Tool source is a horrendous mess TODOs and huge chunks of commented-out code (plus which the original code was already mangled by a decompiler), I’ve decided to just copy/paste Quizo’s source for that particular component, which means any improvements he’s made will (hopefully) carry over.  Of course, this does not mean that I can just copy/paste the code and put a check in the box; I have to fix all the incompatibilities between our code.  Our code bases have diverged quite a bit by now, so this is going to take some doing.  But I’m making progress, and like I said, this is the last big thing.  Once this is done, I have a bunch of smaller things that need to be taken care of, but after that, I’ll kick it out.

And by the way, after this release, I will be marking the beta series as feature complete.  There will likely be a few missing pieces in the next release, but once those are filled in and any bugs squashed, I’ll finally shed the beta label.

Thank you all for your patience.

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  • Max

    I hope you realise how very grateful we ALL are, amazing work! without your generosity i would never have moved to win 7. Thank You from planet earth.

  • Kais Hassan

    Many thanks for the great work. Having to use Windows daily as part of my work, I depend greatly on your tool.

  • Joachim

    I also have to thank you for your great work.
    And your Version of QTTB is the only one for me!

  • Jedijax

    Of course I have been desperate for a new release, especially since your progress with earlier versions has been ridiculously useful and perfectly suited for my needs and wishes, but I know things are difficult sometimes, and it may take longer than expected. I am only grateful that you keep doing this, cause believe me, it is appreciated. If I had to choose the single app I couldn’t live without, it would definitely be this one. Good luck, my friend, and keep up with the amazing work!

  • raveren

    I’m just posting to show my support and appreciation for your work, I’ve already donated some and will do so again on the next version release. Regardless, this is a must-have tool for me now, thank you for making it happen!

  • Gavin

    Just wanted to say excellent work so far – I appreciate what you’ve done so far immensely!

  • Otiel

    Another comment, simply to congrats you of your work. Me too, I am eager of installing a new version and I know it’s not simple as that. That’s why I do appreciate what you’re doing, and especially since Quizo has decided to continue to develop his version (too bad he doesn’t want to work with you). It must be hard, but it is brave and nice, because in the end, you are doing it for us users :)

    So, keep up the good work, we are really grateful!

  • this is one of most useful and great add for w7, thank u for u hard work, and please make donation button for moneybokers, because i don’t have paypal, thanks again

  • xpclient

    For QTTabBar, stability and not having weird quirks or memory leaks in Explorer is very important to me. Quizo’s versions have been great on introducing new functionality fast enough after he revived it but the stability isn’t up to the mark. I just can’t tolerate constant Explorer crashes. From what I hear, your upcoming release should be a lot more stable. It’s sad he isn’t collaborating. Can you show users a feature comparison of your version vs Quizo’s version?

  • Hi10p

    i haven’t used this program since April last year, i’m patiently waiting for a new version, a version that would not make explorer crash when copying files to my USB drive (a really weird bug that probably has to do with my own system).
    but i’m still waiting, not even using the new Quizo version.
    every day seems closer to that release, and i have to admit it, with the possibility to sound selfish, that i’m getting anxious, i can barely wait anymore (>_<)

    • Please email me about this. I can’t fix problems I don’t know about! I can send you a debug version to make sure this issue is taken care of.

      • Hi10p

        hi there!
        the thing is that i cannot replicate it!… it is just too random, on a new windows install it runs smoothly, but when i begin to install and install AND INSTALL software, and the the days goes by, the problems start, at the beginning, every now and then, just a few times, and later all the times!
        i thought i posted that bug.. didn’t i o_O …i need to find out where is my head at..

        the debug version sounds nice to me… anything i can do to help :) i’ll send you an e-mail

  • iron2000

    Looking forward to the new version!

    Thanks for putting up a status post :)

  • munix

    Hi there, you are amazing, I used ur tool a year now.. really amazing
    I hope I can wait for a new version ^^
    -From asian.

  • Raj

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the work on the new version of QTTabBar. I also agree with Max and would not have moved to Win7 if it hadn’t been with your version of QTtabbar.

    I am really eager to try your new version as soon as it is ready. :)

    Big thanks for all the work

  • Ralph

    Great, looking forward to the new release. Been using the tool since the original version, but like this one better and agree this with other that this one is more stable. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new version and all these new dialogs.

    A good feature will be to save a session a la Notepad ++ where all the tabs that you have opened are saved and even if there is crash, you can just load your saved session and avoid having to re-open all the tabs one by one. This is especially useful when you open lots of network drives like in my case.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the update.

  • Mike

    Good to know your still around man. Thanks!

  • Putzo

    “The Latest Version is Still 1.5 Beta 2!!”>


  • Matthew

    It’s fantastic to hear you’re making progress dude – keep up the great work.

    I really appreciate the enormous effort you’ve put into this awesome piece of software. :)

  • Zoraro

    8 – 1.5 beta 2 = 7.5 beta ?, I guess this will mean more delays before the release of 1.5 beta 3.

  • Glad to see the project is still alive and well. :)

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Otter

    First time I’ve commented, since I feel the need to jump on the bandwagon of thanks. c: Windows Explorer was so annoying to use before, so thank you soooo much for all the work you’re doing with QTTabbar. I’ve been using it on Windows 7 from very early in your development, and it’s by far the most useful UI tweak I have.

    So, yeah, thank you for the awesome work on QTTabbar. Good luck adopting Quizo’s code, and can’t wait for the new release. :D

  • Tyler

    So glad to hear the desktop tool will be coming back! Keep up the good work. Appreciate the status update (also, that personal connection makes me feel more inclined to donate ;-) ).

  • Max

    If Windows 8 don’t introduce tabbed browsing hopefully it won’t be too much effort to adapt this godlike code to the new version :) Thanks from the bottom of my heart, man. No analogs, no words to describe the appreciation : )
    ps. Who’s Quizo :D

  • Work’s fine on Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and also worked on Windows Dev Preview if I remember correctly. (I didn’t get as much time with Dev version as my video card would not fully support it.)

  • M

    This is a great add-on to the explorer! great concept of switching current folder instead of opening multiple folders (like some other similar apps do). Only suggestion is that the main program can be just a much simpler and robust tab list, and leave advanced features to optional plugins.

  • Gindark

    Best add-on ever for Win7. Thanks for your work on this app.

  • ThetaSigmaTwelve

    Oh sweet holy mother of all technogeeks,

    Thank. You. So. Effing. Much.

    This was a much better solution than throwing the computer out the window onto the driveway.

    Donate? Absofreakinglutely.

  • Wasabi addicted

    Paul, what you did and what you are doing is immensely appreciated and while the amazing input of Quizo is obviously undeniable, probably you should now (more than ever) consider renaming QTTabBar to one of the names you recently screened.

    Differentiating so much without changing the name could lead to even more confusion.

    I hope that you will find a suitable way to integrate the parts produced by Quizo into your code and and that you will soon release a final (non beta) version.

    As I already emailed to you please remember that the “Options” screen does not fit in netbooks (1024×600 display) and that to click the (OK/Apply/Cancel) buttons at the bottom of that screen (using the Tab keyboard key) is a real PITA ;)

    It would be great if you could fix that (or make that particular screen re-sizable) in the next release.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work :D

  • Paarkhi Parekh

    Thanks a lot for your continuous interest, support in developing this app, All things works great (win7 x86) in present version (1.5b2) but new features are always welcome, take your own sweet time…

  • Frank

    QTTabBar Beta 2 Released By ShiningMasamune, on April 23rd, 2011.
    One year later, “The Latest Version is Still 1.5 Beta 2!!”.

    • Wasabi addicted

      EXCUSE ME?!?!

      What do you mean with: One year later, “The Latest Version is Still 1.5 Beta 2!!”.

      Are you by any chance complaining?

  • Frank

    Yes I am.

  • Wasabi addicted

    You must be one of the most shameless (not to mention ungrateful) people that only the Internet manages to bring up the the surface!

    • taras

      Frak has all reasons to complain.

      The truth is that ShiningMasamune has done fantastic job by resurrecting the project. However let’s face the unpleasant reality:
      - Product is ported on Win7
      - The source code is made available
      - Fixed hips of bugs
      - There is no any new features
      - There is no any activity with the Plugin library. And it seems that ShiningMasamune is no really interested in this while it is where the true potential of the product is.
      - The last half the year it is all about the beautiful OptionsDialog….

      Unfortunately the project is stagnating. Sadly I have to accept that most likely it will eventually loose “beta” but I doubt it will be any evolution of this outstanding product. Which is a true jewel among the Windows utilities.

  • Frank

    and Wasabi, you must be the most uncultured yes man/woman lurking in the ww web.

  • Syafiq

    You seem to miss the fact that ShiningMasamune does this project for free and have no obligation to spare his free time more than he already does, just because someone’s bitching about when the next version will be released. Wasabi’s right, you are being ungrateful just by complaining.

    No, in my opinion Frank has NO reason to complain at all.
    The choices are 1) just be grateful you can use QTTabBar on Windows 7 for FREE without any significant bugs and wait for the next version patiently, 2) don’t use the QTTabBar, 3) make your own windows explorer extension.

  • Syafiq


    Oh and by the way, you should read the posts again before saying that this project is stagnating.