Explorer in Windows 8

There’s an interesting post over at the Building Windows 8 blog today (a blog which, by the way, I am monitoring like a hawk).  They even mentioned us as one of several popular add-ons!

So, it seems the ribbon is here to stay.  Personally, I don’t mind it as long as it can be minimized, but I know many people hate it with an intense passion.  The Quick Access Toolbar looks very nice, a great return to form that makes our own button bar look outdated.  I highly doubt this will be possible, but would be so great to be able to put our own buttons on that thing.  I expect another build will be leaked after the BUILD conference in September…  I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see how hackable it is.

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  • atitlan

    It surpasses belief that Explorer 8 will still not be capable of dual pane display AND do tabs within each pane.

    On the other hand, who has seen the buttons / icons / commands on the View tab of Explorer 8’s Ribbon?

  • Great news ! I also hope a customizable ribbon :)

  • Xeon

    “Great news ” ??

    It looks like total bloat

    “It surpasses belief that Explorer 8 will still not be capable of dual pane display AND do tabs within each pane.”

    Yeah those would have been more first expectation, seems like the M$ fail explorer team would rather just copy Office and the ribbon o’fail..


    Gotta laugh at the stupid telemetry data crap. People use the context menu and kb shortcuts more than anything else, so lets add a great big fat toolbar. Its not the fact that they are adding a toolbar, its just that its the ribbon bar and that is serious bloat, and its not like those retards will be adding anything actually useful.. Like enhancing the ‘rename’ tool to actually be able to do more advanced renaming.. no its just a big fucking icon that does the same thing as invoking the rename command on a file(s).

    notice they done fuck all to improve the sidebar, like add rearranging ffs.

    Where exactly will the qttabbar go in that barely customizable mess I don’t know…

    Also gotta laugh at how they show what the default file explorer window looks like in windows 3.1, xp, win7.. like they’ve actually done some progress in all those years.. ignore anything else like shell extensions that actually made that shit usable.

    I don’t even use Office 2007 anymore let alone that Office 2010 junk, that shit got removed and I now use Open Office, and Thunderbird… never looked back on that ribbon shit (the biggest they made was adding it to Outlook in 2010 fucking idiots). Now they bring it to to file Explorer… Windows 8 good luck you’re going to have to pull another Directx update that can only work on your new OS of crap changes and bare minimum improvements.

  • Xeon


    That is all.

  • Mike Connor

    Oops! Forgot to chnge the http


  • Personally, I hate the ribbon, I think it’s too cluttered. 200 options on one UI is going to be cluttered, no matter what you do. I do like that it can be collapsed (so I can remove this terrible UI element), and that you can customize the QAT.

    I agree with @Xeon, that their logic is kinda odd. They show that people use the right-click menu and keyboard shortcuts to do stuff, so why would the ribbon be useful to them?

    I do like that that they exposed the “show hidden files” and “show file extensions” options, but they could’ve put ‘em in the menu bar though. I had to search through the options menu to find them, now I need to search to the ribbon to find them.

    I hope QTTabBar will still work, because I like a tabbed file manager, which is something I doubt Microsoft will add.

    I do like that they actually “listened” to people and brought some of the stuff from XP explorer that was removed in Vista/7 explorer. Especially the “up” button, which is one of the reasons I use QTTabBar (besides from the tabbed browsing of course).

    I also hope they learn from TeraCopy, and allow Windows to continue copying files when it encounters an error, not stop the entire transfer at the first error. That was a terrible design choice.

    Unfortunately, we can’t add custom commands to the ribbon, but we can still add them to the right-click menu, so that’s okay. We also don’t need a /more/ cluttered ribbon.

  • PikachuEXE

    ya.. they are trying to use the Ribbon idea on as many product as they can. Well I think it is just another extra way to operate, should not be harmful. And I really don’t think they would even think about tabs or whatever, since even the Office does not have tabs(need to use 3rd party “Office Tab” to get that feature. So this project would still be meaningful for quite a while.

  • Matty

    PikachuEXE: Its horrible, maybe not harmful, but definitely kills a bunch of window space. Theres a reason I hack it to remove the already dumb blue menu bar that has no use at all. It is dumb and MS should consider hiring people that actually know what they are doing. All this should be hidden away.

  • xpclient

    The problem is even those 1000+ comments aren’t enough for them to listen and remove the ribbon and put a simple customizable toolbar back. So I am just hoping I can always keep the ribbon minimized and use Classic Shell and QTTabBar to customize Explorer the way I want it without wasting screen space and bloated ribbon distributing all the Explorer functions across 4 tabs unnecessarily.

  • Ziktur

    By damn, that is just so horrible looking. I hate the ribbon to begin with and then add it to explorer!! I just like my menus. What is so damn wrong with menus?

    We also have to remember, this is also being designed for touch screen, so who knows.

  • I have found QTTabBar very useful. A feature request: could you provide a keyboard shortcut for New Tab? Currently, there is only a shortcut for Clone Tab.

    Thanks and *very* eagerly awaiting the next release of QTTabBar! :-D

  • Mario Ray Mahardhika

    I finally decided to use QTTabBar and let .NET gets installed on my disk (hundred MBs wasted, but oh well, that’s MS’ mistake) as another solutions to add tabbed interface to explorer aren’t as good as this. Just one question: I’m using Change Folder View Mode plugin, however unlike the original explorer behavior, it doesn’t seem to preserve the last chosen view mode. Could it be made so? Thanks, keep going on!

  • Machete

    win 8 is just another way to increase OS value over a period of time… the previous OS will always be cheaper. It is just like intel® with their processors and the 18 months “rule”, BUT intel® DOES improve with new releases, win hasn’t made any breaktrough lately
    i’m not jumping over any new OS until it is troughly pira.. i mean “tested” and i know it has a clear advantage over the previous one. otherwise i would not bother to do a new clean install ¬_¬

  • -CW-

    Just wanted to say thank you. This very article that pointed me in your direction today, and after installing this I am amazed at the difference. This is just what I have been looking for, it has certainly filled the large tab shaped hole. Well done, keep up the good work.

  • abhishek

    ribbon interface?? again…?? i replaced the win7 wordpad with 3rd party software coz this ribbon UI is taking too much space on screen and if we hav a tablet pc then it more problematic.and it always displays unnecessary things(like copy paste del etc etc) on screen. it is rather easy(and fast) to use shortcuts instead of moving your mouse over these buttons and clickin it.
    maybe users will get used to it just like how most of win7 users got used to explorer.
    a customizable explorer would be really great, but then microsoft has never given such freedom to its users , so it might be out of question.
    anyway i hope qttabbar support for win8 will be there (donno whether i’ll use it or not). so keep up the gud work.u made my work easier on explorer

  • Machete

    OMG i cannot help but look around here each single day expecting to finally see at least the release candidate >_<

  • vfede

    (i’m not upset at all in this post, i’m just inquiring)
    You all people just don’t understand that if you are in this site you are power users? So why can’t you imagine that 90% of people out there don’t even know how to do a copy paste by keyboard?
    Ribbon is for them. All the options, there they are, bigger and coloured.
    I don’t really understand why there’s so much hate for ribbon.
    Just because takes 100px of yours almost-fullhd 16:9 screens?
    Imho in Office, ribbon is the best thing happened in the last 20 years. All the commands, in a visual and reachable style for everyone.
    Please just give it a real try.

  • Chris

    I can confirm that QTabBar installs and works well in Windows 8 (developer release).