Thank you!

I’m honestly astounded at how fast the responses came in!  Thank you all so much for your support.  I’ve got at least one new developer now and possibly two.  I think that’s enough for now, but if things don’t work out with them I’ll ask again.  I’ll formally introduce them once we get the details hammered out.

I still need a web designer though!

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  • vfede

    I sent you at least two emails with the italian translation of QTtabbar, but you never responded. Can I know if my work could be useful for everyone? Thanks for your awesome work!

  • vfede

    Naturally I will adapt the translation when the new option dialogs will be released!

  • Christopher

    Great news, really hope it works out well for you (and thereby us)

  • PikachuEXE

    I can write code in C#
    But I got FYP this year, alone with a firefox extension “Tabkit” waiting for me to update (no one else wnat to do it seems)
    I will see if I have time when either the FYP or the Tabkit thing is done.

    Why do you need web designer? (I suck at web design too :S)

  • Mamoun

    Nice to see that the project will be developed actively. Have you got a web designer yet?

  • Xeon

    Good stuff.. now that qttabbar has more developers can you all get stuck into making qttabbar Foldersize column for broken explorer a reality, like XP used to have with


    Its not like win8 will be doing such a thing, besides they’d probably have to force users to enable their poor indexing service when search everything is far better really.

    I’m kidding I doubt its really possible to add the column much like the original foldersize author said.. still nothing like mentioning so more notice.

    Anyway @PikachuEXE ….It’s interesting tabkit offers
    - Group tabs, by domain or opener (parent) tab, manually or automatically

    which is nice but missing that essential tab grouping compacting/expanding feature on the tabbar, like Opera tab stacking implementation added (hxxp:// then I would have already been all over your extension :D As the other features of your extension are mostly taken care of by extensions like tabmix plus. Heck you would be doing Firefox a major favour if you did implement it, seeing as its tab candy crap and all the rest of poor features Mozilla seem to chuck into firefox are starting to make it a joke. Even Chrome now has an exclusive extension that shows you which tab has audio coming from it and lets you mute it on the tab, been wanting that for years now.. Firefox is starting to get left behind.

  • PikachuEXE

    Tabkit is not my extension :P
    But the original author disappear, so I have to update it
    Some refugees escaped to Tab Utilities, since the author is implementing limited tab grouping and coloring
    Well that would have me some time on fixing/updating Tabkit to FF4+

    It would be good to have tabkit’s idea into QTTabbar
    But I have to finish tabkit first :P
    BTW I don’t think needs vertical bar, since I assume there won’t be many long tabs
    The coloring is really helpful though :D

  • Very nice project and good to see a real motivation to continue to develop it “Shining Masamune”

    thanks, and good luck ;)

  • Corrytonapple

    Although I am not done with my site (I need to work on it), I may be able to help you with yours. If you could make a sketch of what you would like the site to look like, I can tell you if it is do-able.
    Also, you all make a great program (or I call it an add-on)