Help Wanted

Hey, two updates in less than a week!  How about that…

I have to be honest.  I’m very disappointed in how much progress I’ve made this summer.  Other than my big France trip, I didn’t think I had that much to do, so I had anticipated making far more progress than was actually made.  I think it’s about time to face the facts here:  I just don’t have the amount of free time that this project deserves.  So, I think it’s long overdue that I start actively looking for some help.  There are two things I need: A web designer and a programmer.

This half-baked WordPress install is about the pinnacle of my web-design prowess, and this project deserves a better public face.  Someone who could help me build a nice new site with an FAQ page and a place to host the plugins would be much appreciated.

As for the programmer position, there are really only three requirements: C# experience, adequate free time, and a willingness to contribute.  If you meet these three requirements, I want you.   I do want someone who enjoys coding and considers themselves good at it, but don’t worry if you have no experience with shell coding in particular; there are still plenty of simple tasks that don’t require any special knowledge that I could really use someone to take off me.

If you can fill one or both of these roles, I want to hear from you.  Hit up the Contact link on the right.

For the rest of you, you needn’t worry that I’m going to just stop working on this project.  Even if I don’t find anyone else to help out, I’ll still chug along and things will eventually get done.  But I have so many big plans and ideas for new features, and I really would like to see them happen sooner than they otherwise would.

PS: To help filter spam, I’ve enabled comment filtering so that comments with URLs will be sent to the pending list, which I may or may not check frequently…  So if you want to post a URL, replace the http with hxxp or something.

13 comments to Help Wanted

  • Ded

    It’s dead, a dead project!

  • Mike Connor

    Would love to help, but I just don’t have the requisite skills. Hope yopu find somebody willing and able. I posted about some source code on the forum which which you may be able to use?

    Keep up the good work, and just ignore the spammers and other idiots. Your work is much appreciated by anybody who seriously uses the program.

    Regards….Mike Connor

  • Paye

    I know the direction QTTabBar may be heading, SMTabBar v1.0 for only $29.

  • Andy

    What’s up with all the ignorant and stupid comments lately?

    Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated by the majority.

  • Please continue your great work …
    I’ve some PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and Jquery skills.

    Currently I don’t have enought time to help but maybe in the future…

    I also have some Illustrator, flash and photoshop skills

  • RamonXick

    please make option to get ‘lite version’ (that include explorer tab only feature) on future version.. i use classicshell and worried about conflict within booth software..

    thx for this great app, XD

    • Mike Connor

      I use both programs, as well as Stexbar and others,intensively, and there are no conflicts. ( Change hzzp to http to view screenshots).



      Regards….Mike Connor

      • RamonXick

        thx for reply m8, you know booth programs are partly offer same feature, i just want to avoid conflict on it, X)

        anyway ur explorer looks badass!! XD

        regards, RDX

  • Paye

    My last comment was only a joke. I am sure absolutely everybody is grateful to Mr. Paul for all is effort. The best things in life are truly free.

  • zoraro

    I use Classicshell and QTTabBar and I have not noticed any conflicts. Besides, you can always use the options to turnoff unwanted features in both programs.

  • Good writing here I really really like the way you write your blogs.

  • tokieDoke

    Need some help with vista search from start-menu.
    QTtabs are the best! Only problem I’m having is with the Vista search from the start menu. It refuses to open in a tab, and I’m having trouble setting the options to open it as its own window since vista search has no folder icon that I know of. Any Ideas?