Fork and Rename

Whew, I’m finally back.  Paris is a lovely city to visit, but there’s no place like home!

So, let’s discuss the current situation.  As I said, Quizo did email me and we had a nice conversation which cleared up a number of misunderstandings.  I’m still waiting to hear back from him on a few issues, but here’s the short version of what’s known so far: Due to lack of free time and motivation, Quizo is, for the most part, finished developing QTTabbar.  He was working on a Win 7 compatible version last year, but never completely finished it.  At some point he realized that he would not have the free time to continue, and the recently released 2.0 Beta 2 is simply a cleaned-up version of his latest revision.  He was a little ambiguous as to if he ever plans to release a Beta 3 or above, but he very clearly stated that it was certainly not happening any time soon.  Quizo has agreed to direct users to my project as the version under active development, and the main website has recently been updated to reflect this.

He did have a few requests of me, which I plan to honor.  Mainly, that the internal identifiers and settings location of my project be changed, so that it doesn’t conflict with his version.  This will happen in the next release.

If we’re changing all the internal identifiers anyway, then I’d like to take the opportunity to change another thing: the name.  I undertook this project on the (admittedly presumptuous) assumption that Quizo was gone for good, so I thought of my version was a direct continuation rather than a fork.  But now that there’s this version 2.0 of the original project in the wild, there’s no longer any ambiguity: my project is now a full-blown fork whether I like it or not.  And that means having a different name to differentiate it is pretty much required.

To be honest, I’ve wanted to rename the project for a while now.  I never really liked the name QTTabBar: it’s a little awkward to say, and people are constantly assuming we must have some kind of association with that other Qt.  The two biggest reasons why I haven’t renamed the project are 1) respect to Quizo and 2) I was afraid we’d lose the name-recognition that QTTabBar has established.  But now that Quizo’s given me his blessing and has put a link on his site to my site, both those issues are addressed.

So what should the new name be?  I’m open to suggestions; many people have already done so, but let’s get a few more.  Post them below or email them to me using the Contact link on the right.  I mentioned the possibility of a name-change earlier, and someone suggested “QTabs” as a new name.  I rather like that one: it’s short, it’s catchy, it has some homage to Quzio in there, and we can keep the “QT” prefix that is in use everywhere.  I’m certainly not settled on it though, so feel free to propose a better one (or voice your support for that one).

It was a bit of a bumpy ordeal, but I think it will ultimately be for the better.  I hope to make some serious progress on this project in the coming months, including merging most of the new features of Quizo’s version into my own.

PS: To address some of the comments in the previous post, my assessment of Quizo’s version as “extremely buggy” was based on my own install of it.  It could be that there were conflicts between my version and his that caused the glitches that I encountered.  I certainly didn’t mean to disparage his obvious effort, and as I said, he solved a few problems that I couldn’t.  Looking through the now-public source will provide a great deal of insight, for which I am extremely grateful.

96 comments to Fork and Rename

  • Kwil

    QTabs is really not a good name in my opinion since it would also let many people think it is something related to Nokia’s Qt framework because every Qt class is named QSomething. Also, there is a bunch of other utilities named QTabs if we do a google check.

    I think someting related to “Explorer Tabs” like xTabs, XTabs, exTabs or ExTabs would be better and simpler.

  • Anonymous

    What about QTexTabs ? (for QT explorer Tabs)

  • Jaccob

    “7tabs” sounds really easy IMO

    and people will get the idea that it works with win7

  • Hi. Glad to hear you are still continuing with this project. At the time I was looking for such an add-on to the windows os, from all the bunch showed by google, yours was the best, and I think the only one which offered free tabs in my windows shell, so with this occasion, THANK YOU SHININGMASAMUNE for sharing your work and Quizo’s with us.

    These are my suggestions by main functionality:

    TabEx (Tab Explorer)
    ExplorerTabs (quite to the subject)
    MultiTabEx (overcrouded … maybe helps just as suggestion for a better inspiration)
    OpenTabs (quite nice for this period of time)
    WinTabs (classical)
    WinTabs Explorer
    TabMagic – for Windows (has a “magic” in it’s name, but who is with mind on magic today? … it’s not so good for easy keeping in mind these days … see the value of the word ‘magic’ in the google search for apps for more concrete info)

    If you can do this for yahoo messenger 9,10,11,12 etc. (just yahoo messenger 8.0 has MultiTab) … more people will know of you and your work … lots of people who don’t know to much about windows, but they know about yahoo messenger and messengers, and they look for messenger options on google ;)

  • Drugoy

    I suggest: WETabBar (WE stands for Windows Explorer), Windows2Tabs, Tabs4WinExp, Tabs4WE, Tabs4Explorer or Windows Tabbed Explorer.
    Just as you mentioned – I thought that QT means that the project is written on Qt and I agree that it better be removed from the name.
    But I dislike your QTabs idea as I think the name should represent that it adds tabs to the Windows Explorer windows.

  • Drugoy

    But I don’t get why did he (or you) refused to cooperate?
    Why fork? Why not merge both projects into a powerful one?

  • ((( KaaMoS )))

    I stick with ExTabs.

  • Songokuu

    Q-because of Quizo
    ex -explorer
    Tab – … :D
    I agread that QT in name is too much close to QT framework and Nokia. I also like “qtabs” but if it will look like this:
    qTABS or Q-TABS.
    TabBar+ or TabBar Plus maybe?

  • Joel

    What about “Explorer Tabs” Short, sweet, to the point, and no one else is using the name. Not only that, but your QTTabbar is #5 on the google results for that search.

  • Julia

    I think that a short snappy two-syllable name would be best for memorability. QTabs (or even better QTab) is a great name, and provides some useful continuity, so that gets my vote. TabEx is my second choice, and ExTabs a distant third.

    The potential user base for this software, once it is working well and properly promoted, is vastly larger than the development community who have heard of Nokia’s QT Framework, so IMO you shouldn’t worry about that at all.

  • Julia

    I’ve just noticed Songokuu’s suggestion of QexTab. I think that’s pretty cool, so now I’d support either QTab or QexTab as equal first choice.

  • ((( KaaMoS )))

    TabBar Plus! <— sounds great also.
    Thanks Songokuu!

  • “Shiny Tabs”;
    “Give Me Tabs”;
    “Dawn ! Microsoft has forgotten tabs ! luckily, Shining was here !” (maybe too long :D )

  • Indra


  • Wayne

    The whole idea of this project is to force tabs in windows explorer. With that being said, I would like to suggest the name “Tab Force”.

  • Ralph Martin

    My two cents:

    “Tab Pro”
    “WinX Tab++”

    I don’t like the QT which causes confusion.

  • Ralph Martin

    “Tab Pro” sounds nice and simple. Try saying to yourself a few times and you would agree.

    So who supports “Tab Pro”?

    BTW. I couldn’t find anything with that name.

  • Ralph Martin

    Actually I think I found a company with that has a product with that name.

  • Ralph Martin

    However they have discontinued the product, so maybe we could use the name.

  • Just call it tab, tabs or tabapp.

    You don’t need to confuse and lower your user-base by using a confusing/technical name. There’s also no need to over complicate the naming process, things like tab(s)xpro1×1337 just don’t work and aren’t marketable.

  • HurpDurp

    Hey, think you can add in some selection features? Recently (while I was categorizing a ton of images into a ton of different folders), I had over 100 images selected (I did not realize it was that many until I redid it) and then accidentally clicked the wrong button (right clicked instead of left clicked) and so all of my selected items went away :(

    Basically, I’m suggesting maybe an “unselect” and “reselect” feature orso.

  • Xeon

    any updates??

  • I think exTabs or openTabs are the nicest suggestions I’ve read so far.
    Or go for something new like PathExplorer (reference to PathFinder which brought the same tab functionality in Finder on the Mac)
    My final suggestion is something more humorous like: “nerdExplorer” (but maybe some people will feel withdrawn by this name although it’s just funny)

    After all keep up with the good work, I really love the functionality you brought to Microsoft’s handicapped Explorer! Thanks to all us nerds Windows can stay a usable operating system!

    Cheers from Montmartre

  • Machete

    frugy = useful (latin)


    in case it is lost in the wall of letters xD

  • DonSope

    QexTab+ (Quizo-Explorer-Tab) The plus is beautiful ^^ And gives the sensation of progress

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  • Michael

    I go with openTabs.

  • Innerbrain

    Suggestions are:

    QTiuzqo (quizo letters mixed)
    QToquiz (quizo letters mixed)
    QTuizotab (quizo letters mixed)
    QTzoiqu (quizo letters mixed)
    QTziquo (quizo letters mixed)
    QTuzio (quizo letters mixed)
    QuiToz (quizo letters mixed)

  • Innerbrain

    One +:


  • Syafiq2357

    ShinEx (shin=”new” in japanese, cmiiw)


    I also like 7Tabs very much.

  • ccw

    A product name should be:
    * Unique
    * Descriptive
    * Future proof
    * Easy to remember
    * Easy to find using search engines

    Names like ‘Explorer Tabs’ seem too generic. (26,500,000 results on Google )
    Explorer anything could be be confused with IE.
    7Tabs is great until Windows 8 comes out.
    QTabs is a little weak on the descriptive side and also has 23,000 results on Google .

    As an example, QWinTabs has only 6 results on Google. I’m not suggesting QWinTabs btw. That’s just an example which I tried that fits most of the above criteria.

    Actually, Quick Win Tabs is pretty awesome actually. That has zero Google results. Can’t get more unique than that.

  • Xeon

    It’s ironic this topic starts off with the author saying he is finally back.. only his last update was over a month ago :D

    Common what has happened to qttabbar?

    did you change the name and start a new website for future updates or something and just not tell us?

    really wanting to see some shell enhancements to explorer…

  • allanrockwell

    I submit that the Win prefix has been a quite successful, thinking of WinPatrol and WinSplit, even if it sounds a little like some ’90’s software. So i now suggest:
    > qtWinExtension
    or perhaps:
    > QT Winextended
    > qtWin Extended
    > QTtab – Windows extended (like a subtitle expliciting it’s function.)

  • Innerbrain

    I tested de Quizo version, your version works better, less bugs, msi support was a big difference, however, I could say, with you get together, the software can be improved more and better.

    Tries to convince Quizo, stop this foolish forking process!

  • Jay

    HQTab – High Quality Tab – HQ of course for HeadQuarters as well. Didn’t browse all comments – too many spams, somehow they get through your captcha…. Anyway, thanks for continuing a great utility – going to instal your version now – have some ideas already (based on the original version). Keep up the good work! (but please clean the spam….)

  • Putzo

    Wow, spambots taking over the comment section does not bode well for the current state of the project.

  • Putzo

    ShiningMasamune, WHERE ARE YOU DUDE!?!

  • ((( KaaMoS )))

    1.5 Beta 2 Under development again?

    Look at the roadmap, Beta 2 had all of its tickets solved… that’s why Beta 2 was released.
    Now it shows 9 (1 active), like if it were still under development, not released yet.

    What happened?

  • el_lo

    QTbuyNowGenericTabdrugsBar ?

  • Mike Connor

    Just a thought, how about “ITM” “Integrated Tab Manager”, seems more descriptive amd encompassing than various other names.

    Regards….Mike Connor