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Greetings from Paris!  I have very limited time, so I’ll be brief.  Yesterday QTTabBar was featured on LifeHacker, due to Quizo’s 2.0 version.  Ugh.  This is pretty much exactly what I was afraid of; it’s going to cause a lot of confusion.  I was going to save the full explanation for when I get back (and when I knew a little more; we’re still hammering out a few things) but now due to the LifeHacker posting, I have to post the basic details.  Again, full details will follow in a few days when I return home.

The bottom line is this: Quizo is NOT continuing QTTabBar.  The recently posted 2.0 was posted as a cleaned-up version of his latest revision, once he realized that he would not have time to work on it anymore.  It has very many bugs, and they are not going to be addressed any time soon, if ever.  He has agreed to place a link on the wikidot site directing users to my site as the version under active development, as well as clarification that his version is not.  Hopefully I can get him to do this sooner rather than later, in light of the current circumstances!

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  • you may change the name because your great work really worth a new name :)

  • Mike R

    What a charged load of constipated elephant crap they propelled with that story. If you haven’t already, I will be writing a letter to the editor. That’s real Shining! Much respect

  • Hi,

    rename the complete project to QTTabBarRebirth like you already named the sln file. So it shows that this is not the sameas the original version.


  • great news.

    And if you want to change the name, QTTabBar is already way to strange. Try to make it simpler instead of even more bizarre. Maybe “ExplorerTabBar” is simple, descriptive and keeps the “TabBar” of the original name.

  • Jedijax

    Masamune, do whatever the %&$” you need to do. We don’t care about someone suddenly “discovering” a new QTTabBar version. You’re the guy working his ass off in order to deliver a splendid product, one which has become vital to many of us. I don’t think you should change the name, seeing as it would cause confusion among us, faithful users. If there is confusion, let it be on the end of new-comers, let them do the legwork if they’re truly interested. You’re tha man!

  • Raj

    I agree with Jedijax.

    Just continue your great work. Your version of qttabbar is the best around and you did a great work ironing out the bugs.

    The link that quixo will put on his website will hopefully reduce the confusion

    Keep it up.

  • Mike Connor

    His issue of a “new” version sounds like a lot of pointless confusion. You may still be able to use some of Quizo’s “improved” code though, if that seems sensible. Only you can decide that. It seems a name change as such is not possible under the terms of the original code license? A shame, something like “ExTabs”, or similar, might give more of a separate “corporate identity”, but I don’t suppose it actually really matters much as long as the software works as well as it does. As you are obviously committed to the project, and have already made amazing and very successful progress I imagine that most people will simply stick to the software that actually works.

    Keep up the good work.

    Regards….Mike Connor

  • scott

    I like the name Explorer TabBar!

    I love this program/addon, but it refuses to work after I updated windows recently – Vista 32HP. I think it might have been IE9 that caused it but I really don’t know. That was included as one of the updates.

    Due to QTTabBar no longer working for me I have had to find something usable, so I tried loads of other File Mngrs and came across Cubic Explorer. It’s easy to use, very customisable, very actively developed, tho it has bugs!

    Just thought it may be useful to those in the same boat as me ;-)

    Good luck with QTTabBar, just a shame it can’t be made portable. That’d be awesome.

  • xpclient

    So do you plan to base your newer versions on the 2.0 version by him or you would incorporate the 2.0 changes to your existing version which already many bugs fixed and is very stable?

  • White-Tiger

    The name should stay as it is.
    Since the product is the same and just the developer changed (of course, Quizo is welcomed at anytime)
    Quizo created a link to SF already, so it should be clear for new users. ( see )

    PS: we had the “name change discussion” already, ok it changed a bit since Quizo seems to be alive, but it doesn’t changed that much since it was he who created the first one. Even with the things he did, it should stay with this name. Explorer Tabbar sucks anyway xD It’s longer :P Better would be ETabBar or ExTabs or ETabs or Tab4U etc.

  • Paarkhi

    Please continue with your original work, we all love it.

  • Mike Connor

    Quizo has obviously relinquished development to you;

    This is excellent news, as it should prevent any further confusion.

    Quite remarkable developments all round!

    Regards….Mike Connor

  • Matty

    I actually came here because of LH ;)
    I already use QTTabbar, but never knew that someone was continuing development.

  • Acheron

    You should honor Quizo for starting this great project by keeping the name. Its the least you could do as Quizo has been very nice to allow this project to coexist after you stole the project.

    • Mike Connor

      Making completely unfounded accusations like that is only going to upset and annoy people. The source code was released under the creative commons license, there can be absolutely no question of anybody stealing anything.

      Furthermore, no further development was taking place, and Quizo has also relinquished the project to this development. As stated by himself on his website.

      There are always people who jeopardize things, usually because they are stupid, petty, destructive, or simply lacking in common sense. If you have nothing positive or sensible to say about the magnificent work that has been done here, then I for one would appreciate it greatly if you refrained from any more nonsense like this.

      Please ignore rubbish like the above Paul, it most certainly does not reflect the judgement of many, including myself, who are now very happily using the excellent software you have provided, and obviously Quizo agrees.

      Mike Connor

      • Acheron

        At the time the QTTabBar project was abandoned, the project source code was not available for download. Also no licensing information was available, so technically QTTabBar was released as freeware, closed source.

        I didn’t want to harm your feelings when I wrote my comment. I should have put quotation marks around the word ’stole’ to make my statements more clear.

  • Michael

    “… after your stole the project”

    Sounds a bit too harsh.

    Quizo was declared dead, the project was dead in the water and everybody was desperate since it wouldn’t work unter Windows 7.

    We ow the new author every kind of respect and credit for the incredible lenghts he has taken to breath new life into it.

    Personally I don’t care about the name. I care about the code.

  • Xeon

    Really strange how Quizo updated the site and closed his forums, never really said much at all to the community :(

    Anyway as a longtime user of QTTabBar I really think the name should say the same, maybe just add an about section giving new users a bit of history over things and your continuation. Tabbar++ is good but then I’d want more built in power features like advanced integrated multi-file rename, new folder creation, folder sizes (Treesize column),Create file/folder lists… stuff dmexbar took care of but never got updated etc :)

    Personally what is coming next for the shell extension means more than the name though, new features, explorer fixes etc.

  • Leslie Cohn

    Like many people, I used the old QTTabbar on Windows XP, loved it, and was dismayed to find, after upgrading to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, that it would not work on that platform. I, like everyone, am extremely grateful for your work in attempting to port QTTabbar to windows 7. QTTabbar 1.5 has been very useful as an interim solution for me and I am sure for many others.

    When I found that Quizo had posted QTTabbar 2.0 on his website, I uninstalled QTTabbar 1.5 and tried out the new version. I have seen it described as buggy and unstable. I did not find it unstable on my system at all, but two aspects of its behavior I found very strange. First, when a tab was open and one clicked on a folder icon, the folder would open in a new tab, rather than in the same tab. As a result of this, as one worked, one would soon find a large number of tabs on the tabbar. Second, clicking on the x button at the top right corner of an explorer window would close the open tab, rather than the window. If there were ten tabs on the tabbar, one would have to click the x button ten times to get the window to close. This behavior seemed to me to be confusing and undesirable, because most windows opened by programs have an x button which closes the window when pressed.

    It turns out, fortunately, that one can use the options menu to make folders open in the same tab and to make the x button close the window, if that is what one wants. How to get folders to open in the same tab was explained in Quizo’s forum, which he has unfortunately taken down. It is likewise possible to make the x button close the window. In “Tabs&Windows (2) in the options menu, the forth item controls the behavior of the x button. Unfortunately, there is a bug. There are three selections for the behavior of the x button: 1) close the window; 2) close the tab; 3) send to task tray. If one chooses selection 1), which is the default, clicking the x button closes the tab; and if one chooses selection 2), it closes the window. Once one realizes what is going on, it is easy to make the x button do what one wants it to.

    I would expect it would be a matter of a few minutes work for Quizo to fix this bug and to change the default setting for clicking on a folder to make it open in the same tab. Perhaps if you can still contact him by email, you could ask him if he would be willing to do so and post the updated file as beta 3. Or if not, perhaps you could do it for him and post it on your site.

    If you do contact him, you might ask him about posting the plugins. He took them down as well.

    The only other bug that I could find was that on the application tab in the options menu, it is hard to change an application name once you have added it. You have to click on the item many times before it will let you rename it. Quizo’s old version had this same bug, as I recall. It is a minor flaw. I have no idea how difficult it would be to fix it.

    My assessment of Quizo’s new version is that, despite the minor flaws and bugs that I have noted, it is an incredible success. The desktop tool now works flawlessly. Quizo has managed to update QTTabbar so that it works in Windows 7, and he has added usefull new features like the horizontal and vertical versatile bars. Of course, it would be nice if Quizo would fix the two bugs that I have noted and any others that may exist that pople might come across; and it would also be nice if he, or someone else, would provide documentation. But I can understand his not wanting to continue to develop QTTabbar. He probably feels that he has achieved his goal and there is nothing left for him to do.

    I can understand your dismay at Quizo’s return and annoyance of his behavior. He had to have known about the interest in his whereabouts and his plans. But it is not as if he owed anyone anything. His wonderful program is free. It is like being annoyed at God for giving the world the Ten Commandments, but not including detailed documentation clarifying their meaning, and not adding a few more commandments as well.

    You need to give a lot of thought about where to go next. But do not make the mistake of underestimating Quizo’s achievement.