Quizo’s back

He’s uploaded a beta of his own 2.0 version on the original site.

On the one hand, he’s fixed a few things that I couldn’t, including the Desktop bar.  Plus the icons have a fresh coat of paint, and the options dialog (while still a little messy) appears to have been redesigned.  However, a lot of other stuff is broken.

I don’t know what this means for me.  Should our versions merge?  Would he even agree to that?  Should I just keep going and fork the project?  That Quizo released this without so much as a cursory email to me is pretty upsetting.  I have to wonder if he’s mad at me for taking over.

To top it off, this happened at the worst possible time for me; I’m leaving for a trip to France in two days to attend an academic conference.  And now here I am with my head spinning off.  I really just don’t have time to deal with this right now.  I guess all I can do for now is wait to see how things play out while I’m away, and see if I can get any kind of communication going with Quizo.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments.  Quizo did send me an email and it looks like everything will work out.  I’ll post the full details when I return from my trip.  Au revoir!

52 comments to Quizo’s back

  • brent

    I just want to say ‘thank you’ for your hard work. Your QTTabBar is and will always be one of the very first software I want to install at my computer. Good luck with your trip. Please don’t let anything else distract you. Just remember a lot of us really appreciate your work.

    Thanks again.

  • wraithdu

    I agree. Thank you for your work and enjoy your trip.

    As for the project, merging the two would be beneficial for everyone assuming you can get a good dialog going with Quizo. If not, keep your fork going please! Take what you can from his work (fixes etc), and provide your work back to him if he desires it. But from a user perspective, I don’t like ‘broken’ and it seems you have the more solid product right now.

    Good luck!

  • Max

    wait and see is the good approach – without you we would be still working with xp – so thank you for an incredible job and generosity. i do think quizo (or whoever ‘is back’) could let people know of intentions once in a while – for months all i knew was that he had died – just a simple email would have made sense to clear the mess! fork sounds good, join (if feasible) sounds good…. just wait and see.. Thank You again Sir!

  • Mike Connor

    That’s quite amazing! Especially after all the death rumours etc which were never replied to! There are no comments or other information on the new version, so I wont even try it for the moment. Your version works perfectly well.

    Obviously something of a dilemma for you. If you can do it, then a collaboration would doubtless be a good thing, but that supposes you can arrange it in some way.

    Apart from anything else, the code was released, so there is nothing at all to stop you continuing the fork.

    Regards….Mike Connor

  • Mike S.

    Many thanks for your work. I hope you will continue with this great job!
    Have a nice trip!
    Michael (Germany)

  • Jedijax

    Nay! Wasn’t Quizo dead or something? Coming back from the grave avails a little message at least, right? You, my friend, have been doing a superb job with QTTabBar, and I am sure all of us who have been using it over the last months will be a 1000% behind you should things go south with Quizo. Go Masamune!

  • MaxBuzz

    why doesn’t microsoft add tabs to windows explorer?

    BTW there’s nothing wrong with a little competition.

  • Good Lord, this is the last thing I expected – like most others including yourself…

    Echoing the other comments, the best advice is to wait this out, see if you can get some communication going with this quizo fellow…

    I personally hope you continue your work on this: you’ve done such an incredible job resurrecting this for Windows 7, that it’d be a loss at least as terrible as the initial loss of quizo if you discontinued your efforts…

    But – & a big but: France in Spring/Summer is one of life’s true gifts to mankind: get drunk on some cheap Bordeaux, make a pass at some of the pretty girls at the conference, get into an adventure, lose yourself in your surroundings & cut yourself some slack…

    Life’s beautiful – with or without quizo in the world. Enjoy your trip – we can all survive until you come back… ;)

  • Michael

    Well, what a surprise .. never have thought of Quizo to return.

    I cannot imagine that he isn’t aware of your project, after all the time. Just appearing again out of nowhere with a new beta. Looks rather strange to me. The first thing I would have done is to write some lines to you. And overall to congratulate you for all your efforts.

    In the end, it’s the product that counts. People will tend to use the one with the more active developement. And the more communicative programmer. (Which is clearly *you*. And a friendly person you are, too. Always enjoyed your well written lines)

    But I can realize that you’re in some kind of moral dilemma here. You might feel that you somehow “stole” the code from Quizo. But who would blame you ? Everyone thought that QtTabbar developement was dead. I mean, he was ‘declared’ dead. And never reponded. Then, out of teh sudden, there’s a new version. Strange, strange.

    I have to admit, I would like to keep the developement in your hands for now, as you seem to be a far more dedicated and more mommunicative developer.

    Keep up the good work, and most important: There’s a life beside tabs ;)

  • Don’t merge with Quizo.

    His project was not developed and left for dead for a few years.

    Continue with this fork!

  • Labelogo

    ‘Fork’ it over!
    (Puns intended.)

    No man, I’m [sticking] with you.
    He’s probably going to leave again. Seeing as he hasn’t given us an explanation on why he left in the first place. So there’s no reason to jump ship now. And plus with you we have dedication to a project that you clearly love, and through hard times of your own, you’ve come back over and over again with magnificent detailed updates on how you’ve progressed thus far.
    And frankly, I’m not even tempted to try his beta at all. I’m 140% content with your work and your own additions to the project. (listview FTW!)

    Hope he contacts you, you both come to an agreement, and whatever happens… happens.

    Enjoy your trip.

  • xpclient

    Don’t worry. Quizo will read your blog and see your intention of forking the app was good. In the era of an unusable Explorer, your efforts made our Windows 7 life far more usable. I don’t think merging the two will be good as the more stabler product (yours at the moment) will be preferred by users. If you do merge, maybe you can reach some agreement so you can do more rapid releases and Quizo of course will be the original programmer to contribute once in a while when he finds time.

  • xpclient

    I see his 2.0 beta uses .NET 4.0 which means only-one-CLR issue is addressed?

  • henry

    Just keeping doing,we’re behind you.

  • MarkCanada

    Just have a great vacation and come back to your project. Enjoy France. Don’t let anything spoil it.
    He left us out in the cold for whatever reason – maybe even a very good one – but you helped us out.
    If he wants to join forces to fix issues with two heads instead of one – great. If not, you just keep on going.
    Thanks for your work.

  • I say continue too, your work is excellent, we really really appreciate it!

  • sl23

    I use Vista32HP and stopped using QTTabBar after a Windows Update ‘broke it’, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the old and new versions, but nothing worked.

    As for your dilemma, as someone already stated, Quizo didn’t respond to the rumours. For all we know it could be someone else. Don’t feel guilty for taking over his work, all that was known was that he was dead. No one responded to that, so it was left. Everyone is behind your work and if you and Quizo could work together that would probably make for a better user experience and a lighter load on the programmers.

    Good luck whatever you decide, you’ve done a fantastic job. Enjoy your trip to France…

  • sl23

    I use Vista32HP and stopped using QTTabBar after a Windows Update ‘broke it’, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the old and new versions, but nothing worked.

    As for your dilemma, as someone already stated, Quizo didn’t respond to the rumours. For all we know it could be someone else. Don’t feel guilty for taking over his work, all that was known was that he was dead. No one responded to that, so it was left. Everyone is behind your work and if you and Quizo could work together that would probably make for a better user experience and a lighter load on the programmers.

    Good luck whatever you decide, you’ve done a fantastic job. Enjoy your trip to France…


  • h13.Bishop

    I’ll will use yours version of QTTabBar, cause you are working on it and Quizo makes new versions once in two years and I’m not sure that he will disappear for another two years after this update. Quizo must help you to improve yours version, cause he left it.

  • Thanks for keeping QTTabBar alive, have a nice trip and we’ll see what happens :)

  • Xeon

    TL;DR: Just keep going.

    I really can’t even bothered to try the current original Qttabbar v2 releases right now… If Quizo really is back and its him, then that is really good.. but he seems to have said absolutely nothing to anyone, the Version β1 (2011-6-3)


    2years of dead silence and then that, has that version been sitting with him for a while now? Someone has uploaded it and updated the site with it, but not bothered with much of a change list, except B2…strange. I doubt Microsoft kidnapped him :P that would be counter productive to the efforts of others improving their shit file explorer.

    Maybe if he starts communicating and putting out more updates that are making his extensions better (because I’ll be honest I’ll jump ship if the grass really is greener :) ) …only then evaluate where you go with your extension.

    “and the options dialog (while still a little messy) ” how exactly?

    Well looking forward to your own updates, the shell extension development for improving explorer shell in general is pretty low considering how much could be done to make things better.

  • Gavin

    I’ll stick with your version for now. Good work so far and thank you for all of it! :)

  • Raj


    I am sticking with your version too. Don’t want to risk using quixo’s beta as I am happy using your version. No crash (touch wood)and it works as expected. Maybe a merge of the code may be considered in the future. Your code is better. However, it would seem that quixo was not so enthusiastic on qttabbar development after all since he was absent for so much time.

    Anyway enjoy your Trip in France.


  • antonio

    you are great !!!
    Keep up the good work
    enjoy your Trip in France.

  • Kerry Johnson

    Glad to see Quizo has reached out to you. I hope he see’s the good in opening the source, albeit with his absence.

  • Skrell

    PLEASE don’t switch to framework 4.0 like he did! I think right now yours is the better project and i’d like to see it continue with support for XP

  • Machete

    More people working on the SAME project = More GOOD releases

    enjoy france :3

  • Please continue the developement of your version of QTTabBar because Quizo’s version is not longer compatible with Xp and Vista …

  • Bon voyage et bon retour :) si on peut le dire en français alors à bientôt ! :)

  • maddes

    My recomendation is that Quizo should provide help to you, as you seem to be the more active developer, not the other way round. And please, stay compatible with XP!

  • ((( KaaMoS )))

    I’d rather to see this project as a fork.

    I don’t wanna see merging both projects and then seeing you waiting for help or anything else while Quizo disappears (dies) again until he wants.
    He possibly had a big reason to disappear in the past, but, as people already said here, an Email would be enough to comprehend all the situation around him.

    So he doesn’t look as compromised as you… just count with that fact.

    Just in case you decide to go alone, what name do you have in mind to continue this project as yours?

  • lianyi China


  • paarkhi

    Dear Shining Star,
    Please continue with your work, we all are with you and let him disappear again when he likes, We are more than satisfied with your work and dedication towards the project and please don’t think of merging even though he has contacted you.

    Enjoy your trip to France and please update us when you are back from your trip

  • markiz

    I have been using your version ever since it came out and it works perfectly. i just use tabs function. i see no need to switch back and experiment with the original fork.

    If collaboration does not happen, you should continue if you have motive. if not, your last version is where i will stop updating.

    Great work, and thanks for making our computer lives a little easier!

  • Moojun Kim

    Loved your work. Happy with the new QTTabbar. Many thanks.

  • someone

    please continue your work.
    version 2 is very buggy for me on windows 7 . it doesn’t work well even for double clicking on folders

  • Jose G

    As long as you are actively developing this version, I’m sticking with it. Thanks for all the hard work!

  • fontrob

    I’m also going to stick to your version.

    I would like to take the opportunity to mention my latest experience, which may be related to all this. I’m brand new at using the QTtabBar, so not knowing about the ‘fork’, I tried to install the latest version.

    I installed QTTabBar ver β1. I had previously installed QTTabBar Beta 2.

    I don’t know if something went wrong, but now, when I double-click on any folder, instead of going inside that folder, it goes up one level in the folder tree.
    If I double-click, say, on a text file, it also goes up one level in the folder tree.

    So invariably, whatever I double-click on, it always goes up one level.
    That seems screwy to me, or at lease, abnormal …

    Would that be caused by one the bugs of ver. 2?
    Now I uninstalled everything, and I will install again QTTabBar Beta 2, which I found to be really great, and with lots of features.

    However, I just bumped into this software, because I was looking to add an “up” arrow to the bar to go up one level in the directory tree, like we used to have on “XP”. No idea why this was removed. But, will I be able to get this button to go up one level, with this QTTabBar?

    Many thanks for all the knowledge involved and very hard work, and unbelievable results.. More than what I was looking for… (I’m still looking for my “UP” button, though) :) )

    • arokace

      i have had the same issue as well and would love to know if any knows of a fix for it or what might be causing it

  • Michael


    Try “Classic Shell”.

    It will give you exactly this ‘Up’-Button. And then some other nice explorer enhancements.


  • fontrob

    Many thanks, Michael..
    I’ll give that a try…

  • fontrob


    I took a look at the link you indicated. Before I install the classic shell, and if you have already used it, can I use just a few of the features, or am I stuck with all of them after I install it. For example, I don’t care for “Classic Start Menu”… and so forth..

    Many thanks in advance ….

  • Syafiq

    Please, please continue your work..

  • Michael


    A little late with the answer, and you might have figured it out yourself already.

    You can just install the classic shell component. Thats what I have done aswell.

  • fontrob


    Yes, I tried it… But, thanks for you answer though..

    However, what I have not tried yet is to install the QTtabBar, as well..

    Are they both compatible? Can you have both installed and running both seamlessly at the same time?

    Many thanks, as always…

  • QQQ

    Quizo health problems could not be updated in a long time. Not there was a hassle. Please keep in mind.
    Good luck Please continue project development. Cheer.