QTTabBar Beta 2 Released

EDIT: IMPORTANT!!! If you have not done so already, you MUST manually uninstall Alpha 5 via the Programs & Features window (Add/Remove Programs on XP) before installing this release.  Alpha 5’s installer was misconfigured so it will not uninstall automatically.

EDIT2: If you install Beta 2 and get an error when you launch Explorer, or it fails to overwrite Beta 1, it’s most likely because you haven’t manually uninstalled Alpha 5!

Okay, okay, so that whole “within a week or so” thing I said almost a month ago turned out to be slightly inaccurate.  Thanks for your patience everyone; Beta 2 is ready for download.

I said in a previous post that fixing the Automation bug was a great learning experience for me, and that the experience was providing a lot of insight on other problems.  Well, that’s the reason for the delay: every time I thought I was ready to release it, I thought to myself, “Let me just take a look at one more problem and see if my newfound knowledge applies…”

As a result, the changelog for this release is particularly juicy, with some really major fixes in it.  But the one I’m most excited about (other than the Automation bug fix of course) is massively improved Explorer instance capturing!  It’s not perfect in all cases yet, but for programs that launch Explorer windows The Right Way™, QTTabBar captures them without having to let the window open half-way first.  Which means you’ll be looking at your files even faster than you would be without QTTabBar, since you don’t have to wait for a new window to be created! Seriously, before you install Beta 2, press Windows+E on your keyboard and note how much time it takes before you get a useable Explorer window.  Then install Beta 2, try again, and marvel.

In addition, programs that are supposed to open a folder and select a file now work as expected (again though, only if they’re doing it the officially Microsoft-sanctioned way).  Folders launched the wrong way will still need to be opened half-way before I can do anything about them; I’m still looking for a better way to capture these windows.

Incidentally, launching folders the wrong way will launch additional explorer.exe processes, so it’s bad even outside the context of QTTabBar.  (If you see a new window open half-way before QTTabBar captures it, check your Task Manager, and you’ll see you have multiple explorer.exe’s running!)  So, if your favorite program is opening Explorer windows the wrong way, send the developer an email and tell them to fix it!  For any programmers reading this wondering what the right way is, it’s to call ShellExecute with the target folder (by itself, not after “explorer.exe”) as the lpFile parameter.  To open a folder and select a file, the correct way is to use the SHOpenFolderAndSelectItems function.

Anyway, I’m really happy with this release.  I hope you all will be too.  Unless this release contains a show-stopping bug, I’m probably going to let this one sit for a while so I can work on the new Options dialog for Beta 3.

Happy tabbing!

======= Beta 2 =======
Bugs Fixed:
Fixed scrolling lag buildup when using the ItemsView.
Fixed massive memory leak (!)
Fixed navigation on Homegroup Libraries.
Refined Windows searches no longer show up in the navigation history.
Clearing the Search bar now navigates back, instead of navigating to Libraries.
Middle-clicking on the Navigation Pane now respects the relevant option.
Fixed various problems occuring when Explorer is in single-click mode.
Fixed extension deselect when renaming .zip and .url files on XP.
IFilter-based Plugins, such as Megimo Loader, are no longer unloaded when the Options dialog is closed.
Support for systems with only .NET 4 and not .NET 3.5.
Support for both the x64 and x86 versions of Explorer on Vista x64.

New Features:
Capturing new Explorer instances is now MUCH smoother in most cases, and supports selecting items.
Middle-clicking on Vista and 7’s Breadcrumb Bar will open the target folder in a new tab.

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  • For some reason, Beta 2 isn’t working for me at all. Everything opens in a new window. I had already manually uninstalled alpha 5 before installing beta 1, and then installed beta 2 and get the new window problem. Uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled and the same thing, I even uninstalled and went back to beta 1 and it’s *still* doing it. I didn’t change any settings or anything so I’m not sure what’s going on.

    Even after uninstalling, when I reinstalled all my settings were still there. Is there another step I need to take to do a clean install? This is frustrating since it was working better before I tried beta 2, although I would still get some processes opening in new windows.

    Wait….I just tired something. I have my pinned explorer shortcut set to open to a particular folder instead of the default libraries, and if I open anything else (from FindeXer or right clicking explorer and using the jump list), it opens a new window. If I continue trying to open new locations, it opens a new window with the same tabs from the previous attempt, but my original window remains untouched (with no new tabs). But, if I open explorer from an icon on my desktop or from the start menu, then things open as tabs in the same window. Interesting.

    Win 7 x64 SP1