Migemo Loader Plugin fixed

I’ve been keeping track of the QTTabBar thread on the popular Japanese message board 2ch.   (Surprise, 2ch users!  I can read Japanese!  A little!)  It’s always interesting to read their reactions to my endeavors, since, after all, Japan is sort of QTTabBar’s home country.  I’m glad that they support me and what I’m doing.  Apparently, since my name is Paul, I’ve been nicknamed “P-chan” (one up from “Q-chan,” of course!)  I was laughing for quite a while when I first saw that.

Anyway, I found out from that thread that the Migemo Loader plugin is broken.  So, I went ahead and fixed it.  Migemo Loader allows the filter bar to search for kanji using kana or romaji input, so I imagine it’s pretty important for them.  The problem was that the Migemo program can only use either Shift-JIS or UTF-8 encoding, while the plugin was expecting Unicode.  I don’t understand why everyone just can’t use Unicode and be done with this whole encoding mess…

I’ve fixed the plugin so that it expects UTF-8.  Perhaps in a later version I’ll have it so the encoding is selectable via a dropdown box.  The UTF -8 dictionaries are included in the latest version of Migemo, found here.  Download the fixed plugin here.

Unfortunately, there’s also bug in QTTabBar that affects this: if you open and close the Options dialog, Migemo Loader will be disabled until you close and re-open the Explorer window.  I’ve already taken care of it, so the fix will be in Beta 2.

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