QTTabBar Beta 1 Released

Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the program is finally stable enough where I feel comfortable ditching the Alpha label once and for all.  QTTabBar 1.5 Beta 1 is now ready for download.  Mostly this release is just polish, although there were a few major bugs fixed; see the changelog at the bottom of this post.

One little hiccup is that, due to a misconfiguration of Alpha 5’s installer, the installer for Beta 1 won’t automatically uninstall it Alpha 5.  So when you install Beta 1, you’ll end up with two entries in your Add/Remove Programs list, one for Alpha 5 and one for Beta 1.  So, Alpha 5 must be uninstalled manually.  Sorry!

So, now that we’re finally in Beta, what has to happen before we get out of it?  I have three main goals that I want to meet before taking off the Beta label: redesign the Options dialog, enhance and stabilize the plugin library, and Chrome-ify the tab bar with translucent tabs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do these three things in three more releases; there will probably be a few bugfix releases along the way there.  But, we’ll get there!

One more note: I said that the language files would break in this release, but when I said that, I thought I was going to be releasing the redesigned Options dialog as well. Since that’s been pushed back, all the language files will still work.  I’m going to try to keep all the text resource changes in one release, so as to minimize the trouble for the translators.  Speaking of which, I’ve added the following languages to the downloads section as well: French, Dutch, German, and Polish.  Sorry it took so long to get them up there.

As always, massive thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports!  Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

EDIT: Oops, forgot the changelog:

======= Beta 1 =======
Bugs Fixed:
Minor tweaks, fixes, and polish all around.
Fixed crash when uninstalling plugins.
Installer installs for all users now, not just a single user.
Fixed Subdirectory Tip display in details mode on Windows XP (for good this time).
Fixed bug where OK/Cancel buttons in Control Panel windows don’t work.
Moved the Exception log from the Desktop to %APPDATA%\QTTabBar.

New Features:
Ctrl-Click on the Folder Tree now opens a new tab.

67 comments to QTTabBar Beta 1 Released

  • Robba

    Great stuff, thanks for the update!
    I must be under-using it, I’ve not found anything i could call a bug yet.
    Looking forward to the mouse-over to scroll locationbar/main window if you are still going to implement it :)

  • Jedijax

    Great news on the tab plans for the future! Glad to see you’re willing to push this fantastic app beyond the frame of what a regular user might expect! Hope you’ve read the comments being left here over the months, as it seems many of us are in synch with your views of QTTabBar! You’ve made my day!

  • Fiq

    GREAT, thank you much! Please fix the create new item button plugin.

  • Alexander_Q


    Is there a way to stop the library folder from opening on Windows 7?

  • Ralph Martin

    Awesome Job, This is great, I just installed them and everything is ok and it opened up all my previous tabs, before it used start from scratch, not anymore.

    Great Job, keep it up and Thank you so much.

  • Leon

    Wow… call me a doubting Thomas but I had worried this project would not carry through, but I stand humbled. Thank you for giving us something to look forward to and confidence that one of our favorite and most useful additions to windows will keep marching on. I have always been an ardent user of QTTabbar and would not install/reinstall windows without it. But up until now, I’ve held off installing it on Windows7 precisely because I didn’t believe development would continue and didn’t want to be let down, but now I feel it’s time to dive back in :D Looking forward to installing your beta and seeing what all the fuss is about!

    By the way, do you have any plans to make this a portable application? Would it even be possible? Thanks again for documenting your thoughts and process along the way, it really keeps us engaged!

    • Scott

      I had already asked for portability both here and with PortableApps.com and both stated that it wasn’t possible due to the nature of the app. :-(

    • Thanks for your support!

      And yeah, sadly, it’s just not possible to make it portable, due to how Explorer extensions work.

  • Scott

    I have been using this for some time, well when I say ‘this’ I mean QTTabBar v It’s a fantastic app, I did try your v1.5a3(or 4) but I had problems. I immediately went back to v1.3.0.1. I think I’ll wait a little longer to try out v1.5 tho. I was wondering, is this meant to work on any windows or is it OS specific? I.E. XP and above or just win 7?

    Oh, I use only one PC with Vista32HP.

    Also, is there any chance of streamlining the apps and groups launchers a bit? Something like right click to edit a particular folder/app location, drag n drop to add remove items? Perhaps bit early for suggestions but maybe better to get in there early!

    Thanks for taking on this project I wouldn’t be without it now ;-)

    • I test on XP before every release, so yes, it works on XP and above. Streamlining the groups and apps the way you said sounds like a good idea. Could you open a Trac ticket for it?

  • Scott (2)

    Thank you so much for developing this awesome piece of software. This is one of the few “automatics” that must be on any computer I use.

  • Chris

    Nice! Now that it’s out of alpha I installed it, and this sure is promising. Just wanted to say thanks for continuing this work.

    Couple things:
    1. Alternate row coloring seems to never be applied to details view on Win7 Enterprise x64.
    2. I think the app would be easier to “sell” if it looked better out of the box. Something as simple as defaulting to using small icons and a nice image for tabs.
    Screen of how I set it up: http://i.imgur.com/DxQAa.png

    I know these things belong in Trac, but I couldn’t login there, get sent into a redirection loop. Also happens at SF’s own instance of Trac, so I have reported this but it seems there’s noone on irc to help me now.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Wow, these look really nice. Did you make these yourself or are they from somewhere?

      My goal for the Alpha series was stability. My goal for Beta series is prettification. So yeah, I will definitely be changing the tab image to something like this somewhere along the line.

      Also, just clear your cookies to solve that Trac problem.

      • Chris

        Oh the tabimage I used is from the original Quizo site’s Skins page (I didn’t mention credits/origin as the URL reveals both the site and authors name). I just added a shadow and centered text, with options 6;0;6;0 – height 24 – limit tab max 350, min 58.

        Yes that image is nice, it just annoys me that I cannot get rid of the bottom pixel row under the tabs, there’s a gap as you can see from my previous screen. Tried a bunch of margins. Also would be nice if the selected tab had the same spacing around as the others.

        The login problem turned out to be due to my account being “only” an OpenID login, not a full SF account. I was told those will not work with any hosted SF app, so I just went to profile and hit register as member, solved it :)

  • tuxplorer

    Good to see it progressing. Getting a very stable feature with all existing features working properly is very important.

  • You, my friend, are amazing. Thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this project.

  • userforusing

    Wow, there it is, beta!
    Very nice work, looks all good so far. Thanks you so much for your effort you are doing an amazing job!
    Keep it up!

  • David

    Very nice job. I use your soft from the alpha 5 version and I have no bug. I install this version and it seems to work fine for me (Windows 7 64 bits). I try the Chris’s png for the tabs and the soft is looking better. Thank you. Windows explorer is now easer to use.

  • Mike Connor

    Installed on win 7 64 Ultimate, no problems. Special thanks to “Chris” above for the very nice tab images.

    Screenshot of my setup now;


    Thanks once again for all the work and continuing development of this great program.

    Regards, Mike Connor

  • RudeBoySes

    just wanted to drop a quick “THANK YOU!”.

    i am running Windows 7 SP1,QTTabBar works flawlessly.
    only minor hiccup i notice is the initial launch after a fresh boot, it takes a little bit longer than normal. But other than that, it works just as advertised and more…!@

    Thanks for picking up this project and continuing the support.

    We all are grateful, continue the great job!

  • RudeBoySes

    Oh.. i suppose i should provide a preview?



  • Bluedraft

    If I’ve the button toolbar placed on the right corner in the same row of the tabs, is there any way that the buttons remains visible always no matter if I change the size of the windows? Thanks in advance.

  • wicky

    QTTabBar is working great. Thank you for all your effort!

    As you mentioned that the next step is to make it look better, I would suggest using this theme found at deviantart.

    It fits perfectly into Windows 7.

  • Bluedraft

    I mean visible and in the corner like the button bar that’s below (the one with the preview and help buttons) in this video,

  • RudeBoySes

    @ Bluedraft

    1. Unlock the Toolbar
    2. Enable ‘QTTabBar Standard Buttons’
    3. Drag it to where you want it to show.
    4. Resize Windows Explorer to how you like it
    5. Go into ‘Options’ > ‘Windows’ Tab > select ‘No Windows Resizing’.

    Complete, close out all Windows Explorer, and restart.

    I did it with mine, but im a minimalist and chose to hide the Standard Buttons.


  • RudeBoySes

    Oh yea.. i forgot.. re-lock after you’re done.. so the drag marks do not show.

  • RudeBoySes


    if you’re trying to show both rows of the Buttons, you have enable ‘multiple rows of tab’ in ‘Options’ > ‘Tab’.

    then select ‘No Windows Resizing’ in step #5 above.

  • Bluedraft

    Thanks for reply, I did what you said but I can’t make that the button bar remains fixed in the corner when I change the windows size. See,

    normal windows

    maximized windows

    • Kerry Johnson

      Hey Bluedraft,

      I sent a bug report about this some time ago. I believe it was accepted recently and if I remember correctly, it should be addressed in the next release.

      Classic Shell has their own toolbar buttons that automatically float to the border upon resize, so this is possible.

  • RudeBoySes

    oh.. i see.. pictures are worth a thousand words.

    You’re right, it doesn’t automatically resize.
    You’re best bet is to either move it to the left side, or don’t resize the Window, lol.

    Another option, that’s close to what you’re looking for is drag the toolbar all the way left, so all you see is the arrow, that does resize with the Window, but all you see is the arrow.


    Other than that, maybe the author can implement auto-resizing for future updates :)

  • RudeBoySes

    i meant ‘Drag the toolbar all the way RIGHT’, not left.

  • Bluedraft

    That’s how I’ve it now, I see the button bar when the windows is maximized (if it’s not maximized I see the arrow) I hope that this can be fixed in next release, thanks for your help and best regards.

  • Mike Connor

    Played around a little with the tab skin. This is the result;


    If you want different shades or colors just fill the separate parts of the image with the colours desired using an image editor.

    Margins are 5;0;5;0

    Toolbar background white.

    Screenshot setup; http://img41.imageshack.us/i/qttaboptions.png/

    Screenshot Results; http://img860.imageshack.us/i/qttabbarnew.jpg/

    Regards, Mike Connor

  • RudeBoySes

    @ Mike

    thanks for the info buddy :)

    I tried ‘xplorer2′ last night, because i was interested in Dual-Pane view. Let me tell you: IT SUCKED!!!!.

    if anyone out there is contemplating ‘xplorer2′, don’t bother. It claims to be able to completely replace Windows Explorer, but that’s a lie. It only worked for some processes. I still had to use a separate launcher to use Windows Explorer. In addition, the interface and view was HORRIBLE! And the nerve, they want to charge you for it.. lol.!@ Needless to say, i uninstalled after a few minutes and go back to QTTabBar!@

    QTTabBar is free, and works better than payware! Seamless integration, no separate launcher, does enough to make life easier when working with Windows Explorer, all Windows Explorer process is capture, no need to use a separate launcher like these other ‘Windows Explorer Replacement’, what else can you ask for?

    I love QTTabBar!

    - Add Dual-Pane view option

    • Mike Connor

      My pleasure. You can simply open another window in QTTabar and you have a dual pane file manager;


      I find this better than having a “permanent” dual pane as one can use screen space much more effectively. Of course you can also drag and drop directly to tabs so a dual pane is not really necessary. One changes one habits in order to use QTTabBar most effectively.

      Also, you may use “Q-Dir” as your “second pane”( just put a link to the exe in your toolbar, using “Classic Shell” ) this allows some system file manipulations which explorer can not do due to system restrictions. You can drag and drop between any of these panes.


      Regards…Mike Connor

  • Mike Connor

    FastCopy is also first class for large filoe transfers etc;



    just link to the “.exe” on the toolbar, so you can use it when you want it. For “normal” copy etc I use the “Classic Shell” dialogs;


  • RudeBoySes

    @ Mike Connor

    excellent tips!

    im a huge fan of freeware, and frequent ‘PortableFreeware.com’, and ‘PortableApps.com’.

    i never thought about creating 2 instances of Explorer as a dual-pane option, lol.
    I have the ‘only 1 explorer’ option checked because i like a neat, tidy workspace.
    I utilize right-clicking > open in New Windows, which opens a tab vs. a new windows. :)

    But i do have TotalCommander linked under applications, only because i purchased a license.
    After the license runs out, im switching to freeware Q-Dir, or A43.

    i don’t do enough file transfers to need Fast Copy. Windows’ own file utility works great for what i do.

    I wonder if there’s a way to integrate this into Windows 7 Installation DVD?

  • Phil

    Search doesn’t work in libraries. I hope this will work in the future.
    I also have weird GUI glitches when switching tabs with CTRL+TAB.

    Thanks for your great work!
    Been waiting for a Win7 port.
    Keep up the good work!

  • chris

    superb, found a bug though, double click on background to open new tab doesn’t work, works to doubleclick for everything els but not new tab, windows xp 32 professional.

  • Mike Connor

    I posted some tips and tricks in the forum;


    Surprised that people don’t seem to use the forum much.

    Regards…Mike Connor

  • bbsd

    Sorry for bringing this up again, but would you please consider making the
    “Middle-click on the Folder Tree opens a new tab” feature optional, because
    The “When mouse wheel clicked on folder” option is being ignored here – So
    it seems to me that the current behaviour is an inconsistent one.
    This might not be an issue for some people, but to me it’s a major annoyance
    and the sole reason that’s keeping me from upgrading beyond Alpha 4 atm.

  • NAHO

    please i want to change the icon of the little navigation buttons I hope that you add this feature next time Great APP thank you

  • tom

    Using latest beta1 release on 7 64bit.
    This release works without any hangups so far, but I’ve noticed 2 bugs so far:

    - tab history doesnt work anymore (it always show 1 default tab, when opening explorer)
    - tabs with similar names can be now opened without the limit, which is no good

    Thank u again for this great extension.

  • AV

    QTTabbar Options > Window > “Do not capture window as a new tab when opened from outside”.

    Windows XP SP3(x86) – does not work. All folders open in ONE window…
    Windows 7 SP1(x86) – works.

    first 1.5.x – do not know
    Quizo 1.2.x – OK

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  • AFAIC that’s the best aneswr so far!

  • I’m impressed! You’ve magnaed the almost impossible.

  • noboy

    QTTabBar v2.0.0.0 beta 1 has been released I see. Enormous improvement in flexibility and customization. In fact every area, and a fair number more, then I posted as regards v1.5 have been addressed. v2.0.0.0 works even on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Only 3 comments on it:

    1. Default folder double-click should be to open in same tab, not a new tab.

    2. When changing the colour of the toolbar background to something dark, you can’t change the colour of the text to make it visible.

    3. Doesn’t always capture a newly opened window unless the current one has the focus. Never catches it if you use ObjectDock software to open a folder. Just opens in a new window.

    All relatively minor things. I am well pleased with it.

  • you wrote some good parts here