Windows 7 SP1

Greetings all,

Beta 1 is pretty much ready for release, as the stream of new Trac tickets seems to have dried up.  I’ve been waiting on releasing it though, partly because I’ve been so crazily busy, but also because I wanted to make sure there were no surprises in SP1 that would break us.  I’ve installed SP1 on two computers so far, and I haven’t seen any ill effects.  Alpha 5 seems to work just fine.  However, some people are reporting that QTTB has stopped working after they installed SP1.  So, I’d like to get to the bottom of that.  I’ve you’ve installed SP1, please post whether or not QTTB still works for you so I can get an idea of what’s going on out there.  Here’s the Trac ticket.

Oh, and by the way: SP1 has fixed a total of zero Explorer bugs (that affect us, at least).  Great to know Explorer is so high on Microsoft’s list of priorities…

EDIT: Okay, judging from the responses so far it looks like most people have no problems, so people for whom it’s working can stop posting.  Please only post if it’s not working for you.

7 comments to Windows 7 SP1

  • Jedijax

    I can’t seem to post in the Trac right now, so I’ll leave this here, Masamune.

    Is it possible to get thumbnail previews of the tabs in a window? You know, like the TabScope extension for Firefox, which lets you see a visual preview of the tab you’re pointing at? This would be really cool!Imagine a Windows Explorer environment that works like Firefox, with various tab options, maybe even multiple tabs showing in windows 7 taskbar previews, like IE, Firefox, or a non-qttabbar-ed Explorer.

    Anyway, just some more suggestions to make the single greatest piece of software even better!

  • wifi

    As Jedijax says it’ll be great if integration with W7’s superbar is added in order to preview all the tabs you have open, but as he says, it’s only a suggestion. Anyway, you are doing an excellent job with QTTabBar.

  • Pascal Boisseau

    well, QTTab is as good as ever, the plugins function as well. Félicitations !

  • userforusing

    Nice idea, Jedijax, but I think some time will pass before that happens.

    Anyway, alpha 5 works just fine, no problems with the SP 1 as well, neither on x86 nor on x64.
    Can’t wait for the beta though, I’m kind of an update freak :D . And a friend of mine waits for beta as well as he is afraid of installing alphas.

  • Skrell

    i have tried to use alpha5 on XP with many problems, would you be willing to debug them if i submitted them?

  • Ralph Martin


    I was the one that reported the issue with SP1 and I actually got a log of the error, but didn’t keep it. Sorry, my bad. So I have re-installed the SP1 only and could see that it is working correctly. So looks like the optional updates that I installed were the ones causing the issues. Those optional updates were related to other software installed on my PC and included drivers for printer as well, but don’t know for sure which one of those caused the issue and can’t try it since this is my office computer and have been very busy lately.

    So you are correct Windows 7 SP1 does not affect QTTabBar.

    Thank you.

  • Haozhun

    My OS became very unstable after I installed SP1. But the problem was gone after I uninstalled QtTabBar. Anyway, as beta1 is published recently, I’ll install it and see if problem still exists.