Translation Template

As I’ve said, one of the first things I’m doing in Beta 1 is completely reworking the options dialog.  This is obviously going to change a very large number of strings, which is why I didn’t want to release the translation template until then.  But, this whole process is taking a whole lot longer than anticipated, . . . → Read More: Translation Template

Scrolling Lag (finally)

Let’s talk about the scrolling lag bug.  It’s the end of an era here, as I finally have a bit of closure.  Brace yourselves, this is a long one, and it doesn’t have a happy ending, I’m sorry to say.

As I’ve written about before, one of the chief difficulties in making QTTabBar work on Windows 7 . . . → Read More: Scrolling Lag (finally)

I’m still alive!

Hey guys,

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I’m not dead, even though I haven’t touched QTTabBar in the last few weeks.  My workload this semester has turned out to be absolutely brutal, leaving me little time for anything else.  Alpha 5 has actually been almost ready for a while now, I just . . . → Read More: I’m still alive!

Please use the Trac!

Hey guys,

I’m getting a lot of bug reports in the blog comments.  This makes things difficult for me, as blog comments are not very organized and easy to forget about, especially since there’s no way to enable email notifications.  So if you have a bug to report, please please please use the Trac.  Not only does . . . → Read More: Please use the Trac!

QTTabBar 1.5 Alpha 4 Released

Today I’m happy to announce QTTabBar 1.5 Alpha 4.  Hit that link to your right to go grab it.  This release features a lot of bugs fixed and functionality restored.  Please accept my apologies for not getting it out the door sooner; I really didn’t intend for Alpha 3 to last this long.

At this point, pretty . . . → Read More: QTTabBar 1.5 Alpha 4 Released

Desktop Bar on Windows 7 not happening (for now)

Hi all.  Bad news, I’m afraid.  It looks like the Desktop Bar isn’t coming back in the foreseeable future.  XP and Vista users needn’t worry; it worked in Quizo’s version so of course it will work in mine.  But Win7 users are out of luck: Microsoft removed a critical undocumented feature that the Desktop Bar relied . . . → Read More: Desktop Bar on Windows 7 not happening (for now)

Scrolling lag

Hello everyone,

Sorry again for the sparse updates.  I’m sure some people are paranoid that I, too, am going to suddenly vanish without a trace.  But rest assured, I’m very much alive.  I’ve actually been on vacation his past few weeks in a place with slow-as-a-snail internet.  The scenery was worth it though.

Anyway, I just wanted to . . . → Read More: Scrolling lag

Plugins are back

Greetings everyone.  Sorry about the lack of updates recently.  Such is the life of a grad student!

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that the plugin library seems to have survived the transition mostly intact, and all existing plugins need only to be recompiled with their source code referencing my version of the plugin library to work again.  . . . → Read More: Plugins are back

QTTabBar Alpha 3 Released, Trac activated

You know where to grab it.  This release should be much more stable and less quirky than Alpha 2.  In addition to bug fixes, I’ve restored Tab Locking functionality.  Here’s the change log, which is now a part of the repository.

In other news, I’ve decided that I absolutely hate the SourceForge tracker system.  As such, I’ve . . . → Read More: QTTabBar Alpha 3 Released, Trac activated

CPU Glitch Fixed

Good news, everyone!

The CPU-leaking bug has been found and fixed.  Many thanks to all those who sent in debug information, and especially big thanks to Mark Wessel, who figured out exactly how to reproduce it and assisted with a few debug builds.  Apologies to those who offered to help and got no response; I think my . . . → Read More: CPU Glitch Fixed