Fork and Rename

Whew, I’m finally back.  Paris is a lovely city to visit, but there’s no place like home!

So, let’s discuss the current situation.  As I said, Quizo did email me and we had a nice conversation which cleared up a number of misunderstandings.  I’m still waiting to hear back from him on a few issues, but here’s . . . → Read More: Fork and Rename

State of QTTabBar

Greetings from Paris!  I have very limited time, so I’ll be brief.  Yesterday QTTabBar was featured on LifeHacker, due to Quizo’s 2.0 version.  Ugh.  This is pretty much exactly what I was afraid of; it’s going to cause a lot of confusion.  I was going to save the full explanation for when I get back (and . . . → Read More: State of QTTabBar

Quizo’s back

He’s uploaded a beta of his own 2.0 version on the original site.

On the one hand, he’s fixed a few things that I couldn’t, including the Desktop bar.  Plus the icons have a fresh coat of paint, and the options dialog (while still a little messy) appears to have been redesigned.  However, a lot of other . . . → Read More: Quizo’s back

QTTabBar Beta 2 Released

EDIT: IMPORTANT!!! If you have not done so already, you MUST manually uninstall Alpha 5 via the Programs & Features window (Add/Remove Programs on XP) before installing this release.  Alpha 5’s installer was misconfigured so it will not uninstall automatically.

EDIT2: If you install Beta 2 and get an error when you launch Explorer, or it fails . . . → Read More: QTTabBar Beta 2 Released

Automation Bug Postmortem

This was certainly fun to write.  I tried to keep it as accessible as possible for non-programmers, but there’s a section at the bottom for those interested in the exact details.

A brief refresher: One operation absolutely essential for QTTabBar to function is hit testing, which means “figuring out what file or folder the mouse is over”. . . . → Read More: Automation Bug Postmortem

Scrolling Lag Bug COMPLETELY FIXED!!

Hello everyone,

It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with fixing Explorer’s Automation-related unresponsiveness bug.  (Yeah, they made that KB page just for little ol’ me.)  A few months ago, Microsoft’s developer support rep told me that advising users to use the old SysListView32 control instead of the default control was the best solution Microsoft would provide . . . → Read More: Scrolling Lag Bug COMPLETELY FIXED!!

Migemo Loader Plugin fixed

I’ve been keeping track of the QTTabBar thread on the popular Japanese message board 2ch.   (Surprise, 2ch users!  I can read Japanese!  A little!)  It’s always interesting to read their reactions to my endeavors, since, after all, Japan is sort of QTTabBar’s home country.  I’m glad that they support me and what I’m doing.  Apparently, since . . . → Read More: Migemo Loader Plugin fixed

QTTabBar Beta 1 Released

Hello, everyone. It’s been a long time coming, but I think the program is finally stable enough where I feel comfortable ditching the Alpha label once and for all.  QTTabBar 1.5 Beta 1 is now ready for download.  Mostly this release is just polish, although there were a few major bugs fixed; see the changelog at . . . → Read More: QTTabBar Beta 1 Released

Windows 7 SP1

Greetings all,

Beta 1 is pretty much ready for release, as the stream of new Trac tickets seems to have dried up.  I’ve been waiting on releasing it though, partly because I’ve been so crazily busy, but also because I wanted to make sure there were no surprises in SP1 that would break us.  I’ve installed SP1 . . . → Read More: Windows 7 SP1

QTTabBar Alpha 5 Released

Greetings everyone; I hope you all had a great Christmas.  I’ve got a belated present for you all today: our hopefully-last alpha, QTTabBar 1.5 Alpha 5.  I had grand visions of releasing it on Christmas day, but alas, I ran into some trouble with the new installer.  Oh well.

Difficult as it may have been to get . . . → Read More: QTTabBar Alpha 5 Released